Hard Work Is NOT That Hard? WTF!?!?

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I am always listening / reading / watching / learning new information of some sort, be it training, lifestyle, health, business or motivation…. I am always on the hunt to learn more. I feel everyone should do the same as greater knowledge pushes you to become greater yourself.

On my way up to Blair Academy last week, I was listening to an audio book by Russell Simmons, ‘Do You!‘ – in the book he spoke about how Hard work is “attractive”. The opposite sex finds a hard working person attractive. The same sex finds a hard working person someone worthy of respect.. Hard work also “attracts” success. Sounds strange, but it’s true. I recall people telling me that working hard is NOT the way, and we should be careful to always speak so highly about hard work.

I disagree. Hard work is admirable. Hard work coupled with SMART work brings success.

As Russell Simmons continued with his “Hard work is attractive” bit, he spoke about how working hard should come naturally to anyone looking to obtain success in a chosen field. But, when you’re working hard, don’t keep score. Don’t feel the need to tell others how hard you’re working and expect a pat on the back.

Instead, do the work above and beyond the status quo and do it because it’s the right thing to do. Do the had work because you believe in your gut that this is THE way to live.

The more you become connected to hard work, the better you learn to fine tune hard work. You no longer consider hard work a “grind”, instead, you view it as a gift to be able to have the physical, mental & spiritual strength to engage in hard work. Soon enough, hard work doesn’t seem so hard after all, it becomes a way of being.

When I train, I train hard. I want YOU to do the same.

When I work on my business, I work hard. I want YOU to do the same.

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The way I described LEGIT work ethic and TRUE hard work to The Blair Wrestlers is by giving them insight to the first rule of The Underground, and that is within ‘Live The Code’ – That First Rule is, Honesty.

Not so much honesty for others, but first and foremost, honesty with yourself.

At the end of each day, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you have truly done you’re absolute best that day. Will you always leave it all out on the table? NO. We’re NOT perfect. But, there are too many of you out there leaving too much on the table.

Don’t forget, that thing we call time, we NEVER get it back. Just a lil’ reminder……

So, as I drive up to the north hills of NJ, an area that always grounds me and brings me closer to my mission of helping wrestlers avoid my painful mistakes in life, I reflect on life, lifting and work ethic…..

What can you learn from my video?

Got lessons on life and lifting that you can add?

Drop a comment below and share. Looking forward to your comments!

Live The Code



  1. Dustin W says

    “There is the hard way or the wrong to every job”. “Everything worth comes from hard work.”
    You always hear “work smarter not harder” but that just means find ways to cheat or do less to get the job done. Working smart should be harder. If I am doing yard work I will work faster with less breaks and load more in each trip of my wheel barrel.
    noting wrong with getting dirty, sweaty, working in cold or rain. It makes you stronger. Tougher and able to take on more stress in your everyday life.

    • admin says

      DW – I heard the work smarter NOT harder line and agree with it sometimes, but always agree with going above and beyond when doing things.

      Smarter work means NOT wasting time on things that don’t produce, but, to the wrong set of ears, it means take short cuts, do the job to the T and never beyond

      Extra Credit work always does a body AND mind GOOD! U r the man, bro, LOVE the comments and your commitment to learning from each Blog. Awesome!

  2. Sven says

    Hey Zach,
    I’m totally psyched about the recorded USC. This is very cool. Too bad not the whole conference is covered. What about the Warrior – why isn’t he on the vid? Probably because of copyright issues. But nevertheless this should be kickass.

    Talking about workethic, this is becoming more and more a center of gravitation for me. It’s stunning how ethical, hard work in every aspect of life is actually losing followers nowadays. My family comes from a harsh place at the Adriatic Sea and I remember how hard working my grandpa was and how respected he was for that. This was the number one issue to judge a person – sincere, hard work. Nowadays when you talk to younger people (who are practically all out-of-shape) about work that has to be done, they look bewildered and most don’t understand what it takes and how hard work actually shapes you as a person. It’s saddening.

    It’s also a thing you can’t preach or talk about. You have to live it – otherwise its plain BS. And that is the true value of it.

    • admin says

      Sven – without getting into detail, everything about The Underground Strength Conference revolved around Living The Code.

      If you don’t Live The Code I’m not putting your info on the conference or anywhere else related to Underground Strength Coach.

      And yes, bro, THIS is about ethics. It is about doing what you say you’re gonna do, full blown honesty.

      MANY people talk a BIG game, some even shout from the roof tops how great they are and tell you how to live, when some of these people don’t even do it themselves.

      Your family sounds amazing and very much reminds me of my Grandfather, he was an amazing man!!!!

      We have MUCH in common, brutha!



      • Sven says

        the world is full of roof-top-shouters and it definetly got out of hand with the internet. I guess we just have to live with that.

        Yeah, I remember you talking about your awesome grandfather and it reminded me right away of my own grandpa. Those men were a different breed. My grandfather used to clean his fields of stones and pile them up in walls to actually be able to plant something on it – so scarce was the environment. He didn’t look strong but he could lift, carry and press things in his 80ies I can’t in my forties. I remember him climbing almond trees well in his 80ies to strike down the almonds freehand with a stick and us picking them up. Back then he was bigger than life for us and to this day a true inspiration.

        If he taught me anything it is to pass on those values to my kids – not so much by teaching them but to live those values.
        Not that I’m faultfree but I’m trying day by day by day.

        • admin says

          Sven, thnx for understanding.

          I am NOT one of those internet tough guys who will talk shit about others and release negative details.

          I hear ya, I am NOT anywhere near perfect, but when I say I will do something, I do it, and, the person I show thru my blog, videos, etc is TRULY who I am.

          thnx, brutha!

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