How To Improve Your Bench Press


Check out what happens when my college wrecking crew hijacks my flip cam and gets a lil’ wild on the bench press.

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These guys love to bench big but don’t worry for those of you who have hate for the Bench Press, this movement is cycled in / out of our overall training program.

In fact, I would say that we floor press at least 75% of the time compared to the full range bench press. When floor pressing, I suggest placing some padding on the floor to keep your shoulders healthy

Here are the Best Bench Press Tips from Mark Bell. You will love this:

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Rich says

    Sweet video Zach. Why is it that you prefer to do floor presses more often instead of full range bench presses? Thanks.

  2. says

    Yo bruddahs!

    Thnx 4 the comments!

    I prefer floor presses for long term health of the shoulder and it eliminates any bounce or momentum.

    I still find it a great lift, BOTH of them, but the floor press is where I start and tend to use more often!


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