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Motivation To F**k Sh*t UP!

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Drop a comment below and let us know how you find ways to break through and stay motivated and above all else, get shit done!

Time to go and train!

Live The Code.

Lead from the Front.


PS: Stay tuned for a kick ass announcement on a new seminar series I’ll be starting.

Lock down your calendar for May 10th at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Location.


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7 Responses to Motivation To F**k Sh*t UP!

  1. Zach, once again you hit a home run. I’m 37 so you and I are about the same age. I especially liked it when you said that if you aren’t all that motivated to just make yourself start moving.

    This is always the key! I’ve just found over the years that if I just make myself start moving I immediately start to ease into BEAST mode! Haha. I know you can relate my friend and this is the very message I’m always working hard at communicating to my students as well.

    If you move you feel better, period. Thanks again for the share Zach and have a great weekend!

  2. Paul Varnadoe says:

    Been thinking about this video for a couple a days now. I had prepared a long and deep response that’s probably not appropriate for a quick blog response. In the Underground Strength Manual and again in Tampa you talk about strength being a skill. That it needs to be practiced. If you think about it, the act if staying motivated or motivating others is like that. It’s a skill that has to be practiced, honed, and sharpened. I really want to post the rest of my thoughts, I will probably post them on my page and # the underground. Thanks Z, you are a source of inspiration

    • Zach says:

      Paul V soooooo true, brotha, just practice getting after it each time you feel like you’re gonna call it a day

      You will build the skill of kicking ass even when the cards are against you

      SOOO true!

  3. Mark Chesser says:

    Just wanted to comment that it’s that Calendar or blog/journal motivation that is keeping me going … that I just want to cross off each day with some positive steps taken towards being the strong person my family needs me to be. Lifting, reading, smiling, making meals and signing deals… it’s all part of the deal we made, man. Just gotta get it done.

    • Zach says:

      Mark, hellz yea. SO simple yet so powerful.

      When my kids are in the gym with me, I crush my training and break PRs.

      They count on me to be a Bad MoFo and I can’t let them down!

  4. Hi Zach, a fantastic talk on motivation. Well done.

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