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Project X – What Is It?

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all”

~ Vince Lombardi

WARNING: Do NOT read this post if you are easily offended or you take things literally.

Some years ago I wrote a blog post that I thought would anger many, instead, many LOVED it. I said what others wanted to say for a LOOOONG time, but they feared they would get in trouble by speaking their mind.

That blog post was about The Pussification Of America.

The term “pussification” has NOTHING to with degrading women. It’s merely a saying that gets the point across. Sorry, but saying “wimpification” or the like doesn’t get the point across.

In similar fashion, before that blog post I shared a video, ranting about pretty boy bodybuilders, who brag about how big their biceps are yet when push comes to shove they can NOT perform.

I’m a former bodybuilder myself and I understand what it means to train for looks but I ALWAYS wanted to train for BRUTE Strength like the Golden Era Bodybuilders did.

Reg Park would bench 500 lbs and press behind the neck with 300 lbs.

Marvin Eder would military press over 300 lbs and perform dips with over 200 lbs strapped around his weight belt.

These were STRONG Men.

Don’t brag about your biceps if your muscles can’t back up their performance. This video pissed off many people and brought out the haters in droves.

YouTube Preview Image

Through my years of selling online programs I paid attention to the excuses people made when they would purchase a program and return it within 24 hrs, sometimes within minutes. They were ALL pathetic…..

“I just looked at this program and I don’t own Kettlebells…..”

“This program is 27 dollars and I forgot I bought it. Can I get a refund? That’s a lot of money where I come from….”

“I’m sorry, I bought this program on impulse and now realize it’s not for me….”

I got SICK of these pathetic excuses – In turn, I wanted to put a program that was based on the methods I used to prep for The Navy SEAL Challenge. These workouts were gut busting HARD. They were high volume, high intensity and high frequency.

Just when I wanted to stop I would add another workout and combine them together, often times performing 2 – 3 x the amount of training I normally did in one workout, let alone each and every week, month after month.

Project X is simply a call to arms against the Pussification of Man Kind.

Train HARD.

Give yourself a kick in the balls and STOP reading all this nonsense about your CNS burning out.

Every time I see someone using a stock excuse for returning a product I am in shock with the MASSIVE number of excuse makers walking around! What is worst, is that excuses are often backed up and accepted because people fear that the truth will hurt the feelings of others.

In the schools, if a student is cursed at by his sports coach the coach gets reprimanded and fired. Hey, when people get fired up and excited about stuff, sometimes we curse! Get over it!

Project X is for those of us who HATE the endless Bull Shyt that weak men are making.

That’s the bottom line.

I’m still a nice guy. I just feel that people have TONS of untapped potential inside of them, we should ALL be working our hardest to tap into our true potential and find that “X Factor” inside of us.

Haters are Gonna Hate…..

Live The Code.


Project X – Details HERE

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14 Responses to Project X – What Is It?

  1. Josh says:

    Hey Zach, I know this is off topic, and not many people have requested anything from you…but since wrestling season is going on, and most of our first matches our about to happen, could you give us some insight on that? I know you once wrestled, and have a strong history training them too. Maybe you could also let us know how Dan Gable would have done things since he really wanted to win. Thanks, and your posts have been perfect.

    • admin says:

      Yes, absolutely! Dan Gable was a Project X kinda guy all the way, in season AND off season

      Wrestlers nowadays often quit in season training b/c “my legs are sore from sprinting”, “I’m too tired” and “I’m too busy”

      We train these guys heavy in season, shorter workouts, low reps

      Video soon!

  2. Josh says:

    Happy New Years too!!!

  3. Sibghatallah Imdad says:

    Couldn’t have said this any better myself.

  4. Nick M. says:

    Awesome video! I wasn’t aware Dr. Ken Leistner trained VA Tech football players. I’d love to see that video posted in its entirety !

    • admin says:

      Nick, YES! These VHS tapes were a gift and NOT sure how this man got a hold of them but WOW, they are INTENSE and crazy!!!

  5. MIKE E says:

    I agree with Marcela. Also, I understand you are trying to fire us up and motivate us to achieve. In my opinion fitness is a family thing, but I don’t want my kids reading things like ‘pussification’ and ‘pussy’.

    Do you let your children read this? I mean if it were an “ADULTS ONLY” blog I would know what I am getting into but what is it going to be? It seems a large part of your audience are kids, ya know.

    There are ways to get your point across without using those terms.

    Hoping we (me and my family) can continue to ‘live the code’

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mike…..

      Here is what I replied to Marcela:

      Marcela – I KNOW many will be offended by the words rather than seeing it for a way of stating things.

      If some take it for offending women, it is wrong to see it as such as it’s obvious that I never made it my intention to degrade women.

      Men needs to stop being wimpe doesn’t get the point across, unfortunately.

      In the blog, not this or others, do I ever mention women being weak or wimps. Hope that makes sense! Thank YOU :)


      I WILL curse at times, it’s what happens when I get fired up about something. I don’t control WHO reads this blog and sorry, kids are NOT the main readers, it’s mostly men in the 25-45 age range

      My blog is certainly not for the easily offended, but I DO feel kids should read this blog. There is MUCH to learn here for them as well, if cursing is the end all be all factor of what to read or not, I disagree.

      As I mentioned above, this is a saying, not a way to degrade women

      I am sure if my intention was to degrade women you would see it all over my web site and elsewhere

      I switched up some words as I LOVE my readers and hopefully my point is made.

      This won’t stop me for cursing or trying to make everyone happy though, I know that will never happen. Once again, it’s pretty obvious I am not someone who degrades women.

      Thanks, my friend!

  6. Dustin W. says:

    It all depends on the individual and how they see themselves, and how they want the world to see them. It could be a heavily routed belief in what you say and don’t say in public.
    I know a few strong women that call other women “pussy” for not standing up and taking control of their life. It is a play of words to convey a point.
    You can find all kinds of words that are used to convey a message yet people take offense.
    Unfortunately they turn off their brain and fail to see the message.
    I hate to tell you this Zach, but you didn’t invent this reference. Although the word may be of your own design this reference has been used for thousands of years.
    People will cry “foul” when ever a word/reference pops up, but the cries do nothing if the message is drowned out.
    In the art of argumentation when the individual ceases to listen to the comments of other the arguement is to be stopped. When they cease to argue with a rational mind, and instead emotion there is no point in continuing. They will not retain anything and only cry louder.
    Project X is a great manual for training. Even if you do not follow it to a “T” but instead pick and choose what works you will have great results.
    Don’t let a play of words to create an emotional response to the wrongs of our world sway you from seeing the message. When someone says, “Man” don’t forget that means “Wo-man” also!
    Get the program!

    • admin says:


      Dude, I sure as heck I never invented that phrase or saying! #TRUTH

      Yep, stop getting offended and get busy workin’!

      That is certainly part of the problem today. Too many people getting emotional and in turn freezing and not working.

      Get after it

      Attack Life

      Advance and Conquer

      Live The Code


      NOT Easy.

      • Mike E says:

        To me the ‘p’ word is akin to the ‘n’ word, meaning both hold a negative connotation. Typically people speaking negatively of/at others are masking some aspect of their own character. Positivity, bro, will take you a LOT further.

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