Spartan Underground QnA 1: Toughest Life Lessons, Inspiration Through Exercise & Best Marriage Tip

2011-06-25 Carolinas

Last weekend Joe DeSena stayed at my house and spent time at The Jersey Shore for the first time ever.

His daughter and 2 boys met us at the beach and we got them in the water just as low tide ended and crushed some body surfing.

The weekend was a whirlwind of fun where we mixed great family time with great food, wrestling, training and talking life and business.

I asked for your questions to ask Joe on my Facebook Fan Page and as promised, I made it happen for you.

Below is Pt 1.


In Episode # 1 of The Spartan Meets Underground Strength Coach QnA We Cover:

– What is the toughest lesson Joe has experienced in his life and how does he respond and rebound

– How and where does Joe derive inspiration, creativity and innovation from?

– What is the BEST tip Joe has for someone who’s about to get married?

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Got more questions on life, business or training? Post your questions below and I’ll answer!



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    • Zach says

      Chris thank you so much, brotha, that was an amazing speech and UN-real.

      Always honored when you comment and read the blog!

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