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STRONGCast Ep 6, Mike Dolce On Getting Lean, UFC Workouts & Cutting Weight


In this episode of STRONGCast, Episode 6, Mike Dolce, The Founder of UFC Fit and The Dolce Diet discusses the following:

– Powerlifting Days As a High School Athlete

– High school wrestling in NJ back in the 90s

– The injury that changed Mike’s life forever

– Gaining Over 80 lbs in High School

– How Mike went from 280 lbs and started the journey of losing over 100 lbs

– How he started UFC Fit & who is UFC Fit for?

– The best and smartest way to Cut Weight & Get Lean while still eating plenty of foods

– The 3 critical Steps towards getting back into shape and what it takes to get LEAN

– How does Mike train, eat and live with his hectic schedule? A day in the life of Mike Dolce.

– Living in Vegas. Mike explains how he had his house built to meet his healthy lifestyle

– Which book should you get form The Dolce Diet series according to your goals?

– Training Vitor Belfort

– Why do MMA fighters gain 30-40 lbs and cut so much weight?

– Cutting carbs while cutting weight? Is this the way to cut weight?

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Resources Mentioned In This STRONGCast:

Mike Dolce’s Web Site

3 Weeks to Shredded

Dolce Diet College Diet Guide



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2 Responses to STRONGCast Ep 6, Mike Dolce On Getting Lean, UFC Workouts & Cutting Weight

  1. Dustin W says:

    Awesome Interview! Thanks!

  2. Zach says:

    DW the VW thnx for listening brotha!

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