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Sometimes we wrestle with who we are and what we’re about. I know it happens to me sometimes, and I begin to wonder if I am too intense, expect too much….

But the universe has a funny way of teaching us lessons and bringing things into our lives. Check out all these lessons I’ve learned about my personality traits.

Note: Video is NOT Work / Family Safe

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Do NOT get carried away with Coach Glassman’s video on a clean bathroom and if he is dismissing technique. That is NOT the point.

The point is this: When you care about a clean bathroom you will care about EVERYTHING. You will Care about the details. You will pay attention to detail.

Years before I saw Coach Glassman say this on stage, I read Dave Tate talking about how he knows if the owner of the company is lazy or not is whether or not there is a bag lining the garbage can.

Successful people pay attention to the details. Successful people care…. Successful people are shunned by others because we raise the bar too high and push people out of their comfort zones.

I find that to be a shame. The new success is “good enough”.

I sure as heck don’t agree with that. I am on par with the pursuit of excellence and nothing less. If you’re watching this video, reading this blog and following me it’s likely you’ve subscribed to The Underground Strength Insider.

Being part of The Underground Strength Insider means you are a cut above, because my e mails push you and challenge you to rise above the “norms” of society.

Those who are pissed at me for cursing or are missing the point of kicking ass & taking names are likely the same people who pursue “good enough” rather than excellence.

I am done apologizing for raising the bar.

Live The Code: Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work Ethic


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  1. says

    Never apologize for wanting more out of yourself or others! I have a problem with those that preach but some how seem to not hear what comes from their mouth.
    I tell people I am not always perfect, and they look at me like I said I was a murderer. They can’t believe I would be willing to say that. Like it dismisses who I am as a strength coach. No it makes me human. Working every day to be 1% better than yesterday.
    You know I didn’t walk the path you presented to me. I had to walk my own, and sure it is tough but it is my path. I would rather stumble than try to walk on your foot prints.
    BUT-much of mentality is the same. For years after getting out of the service I struggled with my military mentality. “Attention to Detail”. I hated seeing it, and often would go back and to the job myself so it was done right.
    I have to agree with Coach Glassman, and Dave Tate. Also, the Navy Seal. I will actually tell them to get my lemon. Attention to detail.
    First thing I did when I got into my new gym was scrub the bathroom. Shiny clean, and you can smell it down the hall. Garbage bag changed daily. Right now it doesn’t fill up fast, but when you look in it there is a new bag, or little garbage in it.
    Zach don’t change.
    Like I tell people, “Too Old and Too Big to care what people think.” Like Lemmy from Motorhead said when he found out that he had diabetes, “I have lived this way for most of my life. Too old to find a different path.”
    Live with what is true inside, and those that find it too harsh will leave. Many will find that it is genuine (as I did first hand at the cert). Those people will stand beside you in battle.
    Live with No Regrets!

    • admin says

      DW – your philosophy and style is going to help change the lives of others, keep living the code and being YOU!

  2. says

    Keep raising the bar, Z!
    The culture around us keeps trying to lower it, or even remove the bar so mediocrity would be the norm.
    I refuse to be a part of that!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Mario Platt says

    You’re such a big part of my life Zach. You inspire me to be better everyday. I feel privileged to have the opportunity of paying you every month and being part of this community. And you know what?
    Slept 8 hours in the last 2 days. Was working until 2.30am yesterday. Been all day clearing weeds on a field, full of rashes on my hands and forearms from them, played some cricket for the first ever (that was fun), and some more hard work with a spade for more than half an hour continuously. .. At the end of it, my director had 3 bottles of wine to offer to people who did a good job. I got first pick.
    I’m really tired today.But you know what? It’s LEG day. Be back later :)

  4. Will says

    Success may be “good enough”, but people shouldn’t want good enough, everyone should want the best. I always found good enough to be an insult. I hate hearing “good enough” after asking how I did. That and I grew up with hearing “Your best is not good enough you need to do better.” So, I always try for better.

  5. maureen says

    Went to Sorinex Summer Strong 6 today and had the pleasure of attending your class…I was the one who could not skip…participating in your class was way out of my comfort zone…having someone hold my feet while I walked on my hands was way out there for me….Thanks for making us all feel no matter what our level of fitness there was a place for us….My mother always says to me you build a brick at a time not a building….and today you said pretty much the same thing only differently…progress is different for everyone…one step at a time or in my case a skip at a time….thanks for doing such a great job today and I will be checking out your blog from now on…

    • admin says

      Maureen!!! I think U kicked butt and did awesome!!! You got better every single exercise, I watched your athleticism and skill improve the entire time and U really did amazing!!

      SOOO psyched and thankful U stayed and participated!!

      Thank YOU, Maureen :)

  6. maureen says

    I wanted to send you a copy of my letter to Sorinex…

    Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend Sorinex Summer Strong6 where Bret Contreras was one of the speakers. It was a fun day for me; I have wanted to hear Bret speak for a long time now. He is very nice, very knowledgeable person and quite funny. The best part of the whole thing was seeing the glute man himself perform a hip thrust. I am sure his demonstration will help perfect my form! There were a couple of variations of this exercise shown, which was also very helpful to see. It was also nice to see the correct technique for the glute ham raise. I don’t have one of them at my gym, but if I am ever given the opportunity to use one, I am prepared. Bret comes across as very thorough in his teaching methods, which I already knew from his blog, videos and his book that he co-authored with Kellie Davis. I do hope I can attend another seminar someday – maybe this one could be one where we get to perform the hip thrust and other glute exercises while Bret coaches. The day had other highlights, such as Zach Even-Esh; I did not know much about him but he is also a nice man! His seminar was a lot of fun; even while working on drills, I got way out of my comfort zone and did funky stuff like walking on my hands while a stranger held my feet! We did different kinds of pushups, jump lunges and talked about progression of exercises and regression, rather than progression with bad form. It was a great class! I also enjoyed Nick Tumminello, and his Ultimate Pushup Workshop. Andrew Durnait gave some really cool tips for grip strength. Mike Martino had an interesting rope training class. They all did a fine job of explaining their information – all in all, Sorinex did an amazing job of getting together such qualified trainers and coaches to participate in this event and I will most definitely attend it again next year

  7. maureen says

    My letter was supposed to be in a link sorry I did not mean to post that whole long thing..working on skipping and computer skills…

  8. Matt says

    Like Maureen, I also attended Sorinex Summer Strong this past weekend. Overall, it was a great event, with strong collaboration from some of the top minds in strength and conditioning. Zach- you were the main reason I wanted to attend, and you did not disappoint. The main point I took away from all of the speakers is exactly what your blog is about today- never stop improving. On a side note- I had changed my warmup since I finished the Beast program (another side note- I gained ~20# of muscle on this program). This morning, I went through the warmup you had us running at Summer Strong, and I had the best workout I have had in weeks. Thanks for the time you spent talking with me- I was the PT from Columbia. Keep raising the bar.

  9. says

    Keep that bar high man. Serious, when you do then like minded enthusiasts will follow and also support each other. I find Debbie downers, average at best yields little substance and value to me. Its awesome you do not settle or tolerate average effort or average behavior.

  10. says

    we are really too soft on people from business, education, health and responsibility. we are inundated with “beta” males displaying weakness each day and think they are cool. Zach, you have the mission in progress, so don’t lighten up for anyone.

  11. says

    Hey Zach

    I’m about to start writing my book; currently titled “Reclaim Your Power: Remove Stress & Love Life” for Amazon

    I’d like to ask whether I could quote your article ‘is Modern Day Man a Disgrace?’ In one of the chapters


    Andrew Down

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