Will Smith On Success, Talent, Hard Work & Skill

“The Key To Life Is Running & Reading”

– Will Smith –

LOTS of People are getting crazy with their New Year’s Resolutions. As expected. But, I expect different from YOU, Being part of Underground Strength Nation.

Not sure why the other 364 days of the year don’t count for most when it comes to taking action, but if you want success in life AND lifting, you gotta make EVERY day count. Looking back at 2012 I am NOT perfectly satisfied with what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve given to others.

I have MUCH room to grow.

That brings me to these Will Smith videos on success in life. They apply to training. Training and Life go hand in hand. These videos are AWESOME.

But, they are MORE awesome when you actually take ACTION with the information….. let’s DO this!

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A few things to come….

– New Dates For The Underground Strength Coach Certification. In addition to New dates, the curriculum will be changed and more Level 2 Certifications will be open. You won’t wanna miss out. Expect them to be at least 10 X more powerful and life changing than before!

– ZEE Blog Getting A NEW Look! I can’t wait for this. As I have evolved in my overall life I feel it’s time for a major upgrade and face lift for this Blog. I KNOW you’re gonna dig it!

– A New _________ (Announcing Soon!). I am PSYCHED for this. It will change the way I do a LOT of things and in turn will allow me to give you more info on how to get stronger in life AND lifting!

– A Navy SEAL Told Me To Do THIS, So I Did It! When a Navy SEAL talks, you Listen!

– Adding LOTS Of Content To Our Underground Inner Circle (8 Bonus Gifts HERE) – Most of my new training courses, time & attention are spent on the forum and adding training courses to Inner Circle members.

– It only makes sense for me to pay attention MOST to the action takers. As my life and business evolves, my focus is on working with the most serious clients and spending time with my family. If you’re serious, you’ll want 24-7 Coaching from me and a kick ass crew of supportive, NO ego members of Underground Strength Nation!

– The NEW Book I am working on with Dragon Door Publications is behind schedule but I insist on doing this book to my BEST ability which means taking slightly more time than expected. This book IS gonna be a monster of an ass kicker. I plan to finish it by the end of January!

My BIGGEST MISTAKE OF 2012: I’ve still NOT spent as much time as I want to with my family. I see how times goes WAY too fast as a Dad. My kids grow up waaaay too fast and lost time is gone forever. Every decision I make will be based upon how it will impact time with my family.

I am removing tire kickers, negative people, whiners and complainers from all aspects of my life. My energy will be spent on helping those who TRULY want to achieve success, NOT those who need me to motivate them, complain about what we do and to only find out they’ve never invested in ANY of our training courses, including the courses under 10 bucks.

This is NOT a resolution. It’s something I started removing and focusing on since December. I am loving it. If you have time & energy vampires in your life, I highly suggest you kick them to the curb.


Questions For You:

1) What book(s) are you reading & how often do you run?

2) Did you make a BIG mistake in 2012? If so, what are you doing to correct it!?

Drop your answers below!

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  1. Dustin W. says

    Finished up “Power/Speed/Endurance” by Brian MacKenzie and “The Westside Barbell Book of Methods” by Louie Simmons.
    Both great books! Looking forward to “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and your book. As a rule I try to stay away from training books because they cloud my view of how I approach training, but the above authors are legit and make a great point of reference.
    Every day I read a section from Sun Tzu “The Art of War”. I have five copies and all are from different translators. All read the same with the same message. A must for anyone that is lost on how to attack the world and their dreams.
    Running!? I will get there. Starting small, and will grow! Found some tips in the Brian MacKenzie book.
    I like your goal of family! Stick to what you believe in and chase it! Like Will Smith “Be willing to die for it!”

    • admin says

      Dude, DW those are LEGIT books!!!

      I still have to dig into Sun Tzu’s book

      The westside book is def one of my favorites!!!!

      • Dustin W. says

        A little advice before jumping into “The Art of War”. First read Plato’s Republic Book Seven-The Cave. You will need to read two or three times. It will help you think clear since it takes you through how to view the world. Shadows and statues are the representations of what is real. Once you realize that you can look for the real things in life-Truth. Then go straight to the 13 rules. Don’t waste your time with the history of books. Some books will have references within the 13 rules that you can go back and read.
        By reading Plato first you open the mind to there being more, and then read Sun Tzu.
        I would do Plato then one rule. Every day read a different rule, and think about it’s applications in the world. There is a reason why it is a must read for not only military personal but top level business people.

  2. Dustin M. says


    This will probably rival some hate, but oh well.

    Book) I just got done reading Steve Justa’s newest book. The man is insane, and he was the first to inspire me. As insane as he is, (and the book for that matter) there is always something to be learned from the best.

    Running) I have never once enjoyed running in my entire life. Not once. I’ve made the dedication to running before, believe me. Up to five miles 2-3 times a month, and two-three miles twice a week, at one point in my life. Never again.

    I grew to hate running so much, that one time two of my friends–both are amazing runners. One can run 5 miles averaging about 5-6 minutes per mile. The other is pretty good as well. I literally decided to carry a 100lb log for 3 miles without putting it down. They can run 2-5 miles, but cant carry 100lbs for a mile. I’m vice versa. Now-a-days, during the summer–I run a Mile now and then.

    Six years since graduating high school, I’ve never found the need or the situation where it was called upon me to run longer than a mile, besides sports in High School. If somebody’s car break down, they aren’t running to work. Some will, I know I have–only because it was 3 miles away at the time. I do not see anybody running besides for the sake of running itself. Except for the Military, for a damn good reason. God Bless them. Even a lot of the police officers don’t run no more, which is a damn shame.

    A hard mile does the trick for me, if I have the urge to run. A hard mile will do the trick for Police Officers as well. I doubt a lot of their perps will run much longer than a mile without running out of gas. If anything, there will always be a time when you may need to sprint hard and fast for a short distance. That on top of high rep squatting and carrying heavy loads is all I do. I do not run, I sprint. I personally believe running for long distances is not a necessity for health.

    Hate me, that’s fine. Will Smith loves running, hats off to him. The man is awesome. If the dude had the same passion he had for powerlifting as he did for running, he’d be boasting powerlifting. I am not criticizing anybody who loves running long distances, if thats what they like. Have at it, but its not the end all be all.

    • admin says

      DW – MUCH respect. I hear ya, I also stopped enjoying running for a long time, but I began missing my conditioning abilities of the past, and somehow, someway, while prepping for Navy SEAL challenge I began enjoying the runs…..

      Whatever U do, love it and go for it w/passion

      Ur the Man!

  3. Bill B. says

    I am currently reading ‘Practical Programming’ by Rippetoe and Kilgore as well as ‘The Strongest Shall Survive’ by Bill Starr. I have also been listening to the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

    I’m not running now, but I will have to in the spring for flag football.

    Biggest mistake I made in 2012…….not being true to myself….for real.

  4. BVH says

    Reading books on how people adapt, improvise, overcome and thrive in the face of choas.

    Just read “Lone Survivor” and rereading certain sections of “The Warrior Elite.”

    Just cracked open “Antifragility” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The premise of the book states that people and organizations can prepare for rare, unpredictable events by putting stress (physical/mental) on themselves. Taleb celebrates the stress and choas that strengths us.

    Taleb describes it as follows: “Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”

    Finally, a darker book I will revisit is “Kiss or Kill” by Mark Twight. Known by many as the Founder of Gym Jones, Twight was an accomplished and innovative climber, pushing the envelope at every opportunity. The book gives insight into his mental state and how he pushed himself to the limit every time he climbed.

    This site gets it. It is more than picking up shit and putting it down. The training develops the mentally needed to deal with adversity in every aspect of life.

    • admin says

      Yo bro, nice books! I never read anti-frigility

      I need to finish mark Twight’s book for sure

      The others I have read more than once

      Awesome stuff!

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