13 Random Thoughts & Rants



This will be one of my best rants & random thoughts post in a while, I can already feel it in my bones.

That also means today's Deadlift session will be fueled with some serious aggression.

Let us begin....

1) Start saying "Thank You". I have NO clue why this even needs to be said, but I am shocked at how many people have ZERO clue how to do this simple thing that means so much.

2) I used to get pissed when an "organization" treated me or others with disrespect, like they're too busy to say sorry or too busy to reply to an e mail or offer an explanation. Today, we have grown men doing these things, which makes them something other than a Man. That is Weak. And that, REALLY is starting to piss me off.

3) Bigger Faster Stronger is a good program but it goes to shit because we have unqualified people in high school weight rooms allowing horrific technique, half reps, quarter reps, dangerous reps, using weights that are way too heavy......

A power clean is NOT the same as a round back, stiff leg deadlift combined with a jumping jack and back bridge. Special thanks that goes to all the Coaches at high schools who never answer e mails when a qualified coach offers to help. It's no big deal. It's just the kids who suffer. Carry on.

4) A Squat is not the same all around the world. How can a high school kid squat 185 for 3 reps at my gym, then 2 weeks later tell me he maxed out at 315? What program is this that allows for an almost doubling of your strength in 2 weeks? I would like the secret sauce, please.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65-fy8RSXBg[/youtube]

5) 1 Protein shake a day is fine. STOP thinking that your creatine, protein powder and testosterone boosting supplement is going to turn you into a "BEAST". That shyt actually takes a LOT of work, sweat, dedication and YEARS.

I've been squatting and deadlifting almost every week since age 13 (1989).  Results take time. This is why I don't train athletes / work with parents who don't want to go ALL in on their training commitment.

6) Take a stand for what you believe in. There are way too many chicken shyt followers out in this world. Don't go to the grave as a follower. I have seen many people turn a blind eye because they're too scared to Stand up & fight for what they believe in.

"You're Either In, Or You're In the Way."

- Mark Bell

7) Results are in direct relation to your efforts. If you're not making gains, then without a doubt you're either not training properly (hard enough, proper technique, consistency), eating properly, resting properly.

8) The reason why so many people are struggling to make progress in the gym nowadays is because the "short cuts" & "secrets" are too popular nowadays. Instead of looking for the easy way, find the HARD way when it comes to training.

No one ever regretted dedicating themselves to the basics like a work horse. That is the road to being built like brick shit house.

9) Some will tell you that following your passion is a mistake. Let me know how life is going when you DON'T follow your passion.

10) When someone treats you like shit, disrespects you or does you wrong, let it go. But.... NEVER forget what they did to you.

11) The TRUTH prevails. Someone asked me my thoughts on all the fads, the gimmicks, the over abundance of fitness info out there. Right now, yes, it is TOO much information, but as always, the TRUTH prevails and all BS will disappear.

This also applies to people, not just information.

12) Channel your emotions into something productive but do so with honor, integrity and ethics. Be a "Change Maker". Take your emotions, knowledge, passion, etc and do something that inspires others and leaves a dent in this world for the better.

When venturing out to "conquer the world" or whatever the egomaniacs might say, do so ethically. The Universe works through karma.

13) Price VS Value. See the quote / photo at the top of this post by Oscar Wilde: "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

This is a strange time and tough to swallow but it's true. I focus on the few who "get it" and let the price shoppers go elsewhere. Those people will never be happy and everything will always be "too expensive" except their $50,000 car.

How much is it worth to an athlete, parent, coach, team to teach the athlete how to deadlift the right way so he doesn't blow out his back right before the draft or the championship game?

How much is it worth to learn mobility and proper squat technique to avoid an ACL tear right before the championship game, draft, college recruiting process, etc?

The answer? Priceless. It's so expensive you can't even put a number on it.

Got a rant to share?

Drop it below in the comments section. We're human. Nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in. You can't be loved by everyone.

Live The Code 365


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15 Responses

    1. Thanks, Munsey, sometimes ya gotta RIP into people and unleash some truth, aka a Punch in the face!

  1. Great Points Zach. I like to say and live by this simple mantra ~ “Beliefs aren’t worth shyte without the right Behavior”. I’ve had people come up to me and ask how they can lose weight, but put out an immediate stipulation about how they have to keep their two glasses of wine a night and cheat weekends. No time for that in my book. Just a small piece of a much bigger rant.
    Thanks for everything you do Zach.

    1. Mike good for you, my man, we gotta stand up for what we believe in!

  2. Gary Larrison says:

    Zach, you are the most dedicated, accept no BS strength coach I know of. In a sea of uneducated, unethical coaches and trainers you are a true breath of fresh air. If your people come out of a workout tired and exhausted I know for sure it was not at the cost of bad form or to finish the workout just to beat someone else’s time. Quality comes at a price and you my friend have paid it!

    1. Gary you are a BOSS, thnx for supporting and checking the blog, brotha, YOU inspire me!

  3. Zach, that is why I am so selective about who I allow into our training at the Cave!
    I won’t put up with half-hearted, fake effort from any of them.
    100% effort on every rep, every time!
    No excuses,
    Thanks for all you do

    1. Frank, Thank YOU! We’re cut from the same steel, brotha!

  4. Joel Bennett says:

    Success is NO accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, Studying, Sacrifice, and most of all, LOVE for what you are doing, Thank you Zach for all the inspiration!!

    1. Joel, I appreciate you, thank you!

  5. Nathan Hadd says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs and look foward to your daily “injection of inspiration”, spot on my friend. I one rant is this…honor. If you have to deliver some bad news to someone do so to there face. Dont hide behind a text or phone. Have some honor and warrior the frick up. All the best sir.

  6. Hey Z,
    Love it brother! Straight up no BS! I like the saying surround yourself with those on the same misson as you, you will soon weed out the shyt talkers and lazy mo fo’s and all that are left standing are your true brothers who stand up and fight. We are a rear breed and im proud to say im one of them! People often say how do you find the motivation to smash your workouts out by yourself in your garage? I just say that im doing this for me and for no body else! Another saying i stand by is: Work hard and do the right thing even when no one is watching. In the gym, at work and in life. Give repect and you shall receive.
    Thanks for everything you do brother.

    1. You take pride in hard work & integrity….. Live The Code 365.

      Not enough people live this.

      I have worked w/ some high level people and it is shocking how some of them don’t care to do the right thing…..

      I can’t go to sleep at night if I gave 90%

      Gotta go 100%.

      Live The Code 365!

  7. Great post Z! Thank you!

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