3 Reasons To Train Like A SAVAGE



Men need to train like uncontrolled savages & stop being so damn pretty when it comes to training & workouts. Start doing this at least SOME of the time.

Not all of the time, but 1 x week, make it happen.

Intense, Uncomfortable, Tough Workouts are GREAT for the mind AND body.

The body is always capable of more, but through those perfect workouts that follow the perfect program design system and the best sets and reps, you NEVER truly develop your Inner Savage.

I love telling the story of Joe, who I met when I was 18 years old in Israel. Joe was training to get into The Israeli Elite, Shayetet, while I was a young kid fighting to find himself and escape depression.

I would train with Joe and Avner (The Gym Owner) 3 - 6 times a week. Joe would swim and run every day and Avner and I would lift every day. 2 weeks out from The Mr. Israel bodybuilding show I was lifting 2 x day with Avner. Joe would run / swim in the morning, then train with us at night.

Joe was always in before we started in the evening and he would always start his workouts before all of us. I saw Joe doing his sit ups, push ups and heavy Benching. 100 sit ups, 100 push ups like clockwork. Then, after our brutal workouts together, Joe would always hit 5 sets of heavy EZ Bar Curls for 5 x 10 with a 45 lb plate on each side.

After one particular leg workout, Avner and I were crushed. We had squatted, performed barbell lunges, RDLs, Leg extensions and leg curls. Leg day was always a brutal test of mind and body.

We both sat down after training and then I saw Joe load up his curl bar with a 45 on each side.

My mind began to race about all the info I had read through the years about working too hard, over training and, in a nut shell, a bunch of BS.

I said to Joe ......

"Dude, you can't bench and curl after every workout. You're gonna over train."

Joe walked up to me and looked me dead in the eyes....

"Boy, you think the dudes in the pen care about over training?

They do their sit ups and curls every day. They bench 3 times a week. They don't f***ing care."

That was the Summer of 1994 and I'll NEVER forget that moment.

That little piece of wisdom has stuck with me for the rest of my life, some 20+ years later and I still remember it and Live it.

Yes, it's important to understand training and how the effects of training happen. But, if you're too caught up in the perfection of the training you will NEVER push yourself into the realm of develop a truly Strong mind AND body.

You will always hit a wall with "perfect workouts".

3 Reasons to Train Like a Savage

  1. You build confidence that carries over to your life.

The feeling you get after kicking ass & taking names through a workout that broke all the so called rules of training builds your confidence. The mind is crucial for success in your life. If the mind is not strong, the body can never truly become strong beyond the gym. The mind drives the body. ALWAYS.


2. The little things in life that bother "normal" people will no longer bother you.

It's amazing how little things can ruin someone's day.

"I didn't get my coffee today...."

"I didn't sleep 8 hours last night....".

"I need to eat right now!"

You will laugh at the speed bumps that happen in life. Instead of folding and having a bad day you will thrive on the imperfections that happen in everyday life. Comfort is the enemy.

3. Adversity will become your friend not your foe.

When you go through tough workouts that take you outside of your comfort zone you begin to thrive under pressure. You gain strength instead of crumbling under the pressure.

This is the type of strength that builds leaders. Leaders who build more leaders.

You learn and understand how to attack life and crush your goals where the "normal" people who never push beyond the so called "boundaries" will always stop when the going gets tough.

My final advice to you.

Train hard.

Attack your training and Attack your life.

Be a Savage and don't let any of the so called "rules" of life or lifting stand in your way.

Live The Code 365,




13 Responses

  1. Jax Grimaldi says:

    Hell yea!! More reps, more weight, less time, more volume keep pushing the envelope till it rips apart!!

  2. Man, I’ve been following your posts/blogs/newsletters for close to 2 years now. And I just gotta say thanks, I always get fired up after I read them and just wanna go out and kick life’s ass. Thank you for being you and for going against the grain, and being passionate about what you do.

  3. Yup! just another day at the office! way to work Z!

  4. mike guardiola says:

    nothing like it. spend less time planning and more time just touching the weights. it comes to you if you just keep basics in mind.

  5. Coach BiGD says:

    Coaching at a very high academic institution often results in athletes that have no clue what training hard is or the pain of pushing through barriers. Especially at the D3 Level.
    They have all come to understand that “The Book” on how to train is not always right. It was tough to break through because they were use to working upperbody one day and lower the next. Whole body three days per week! Squat, deadlift and olympic lifting variations each day. Benching once a month! Otherwise dumbbell presses with band push ups. Amazing how a bench goes up without benching!
    We run stairs and hit the squat rack. I will stop them part way through their workout to run stairs if I feel they are dragging or slowing down.
    And every workout the Viking Berserker comes out and I will start lifting and screaming. At first it freaked them out “Aggression-Rage” now they ask for it.
    Good stuff Zach!

    1. We can Build BEASTS anywhere, Big D – D1 doesn’t mean tougher kids……

      Raise the standards, brotha, they will rise w/ you!

      Keep attacking.

  6. Love your mindset. Always serves as a good reminder to do the hard things when most people wont

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