3 Ways to Get STRONGER in The Gym AND In Life for 2017



It's not even 2017 and you're being bombarded with special workout programs and top 17 things to do to achieve your goals in 2017...... bla bla bla

Here's where it all starts: If you're waiting for the new year to make a change, you're already screwing up. As Tony Robbins always says, "How about NOW would be a great time to start."

If you want to be successful in the gym and in your life, you don't need a long list of things to do. Those long lists are set up to frustrate you, sell you fads and gimmicks and keep you coming back.

The ultimate Success is when you OWN your life and don't need anyone else to carry you.

  1. Setting goals is GREAT. But, waiting to start on a certain date is WEAK.Do something NOW. You want to get strong? Tired of being out of shape? Do push ups RIGHT now. Go to your cabinets and throw out all the junk food straight into the garbage can right NOW. Go for a walk or a run right NOW.

    That promise you made with your friend to join the gym right after the new year is WEAK. You need to be able to do the work without worrying about a start date, is your instagram video going to get 100 likes, etc. Do this for YOU.

    2. There is NO secret training program or special post apocalyptic workout that will save you.

    4 weeks to this, 8 weeks to that, 6 weeks to ________ (fill in the blank).

    Being strong NEVER ends. It's a constant training program that you do and live by, day in and day out, for years on end.

    As I tell my athletes, "there is no off season". You're always training to be a savage. You're always training to get stronger, tougher, faster, better.

    The exercises that worked over 100 years ago still deliver the most bang for your buck today.

    Stop sitting on that machine to isolate your bicep brachii and destroy the pull ups and bent over rowing variations instead.

    When I was a kid, I got duped into all that BS and it made me look beach ready and NOT battle ready. The best way to look great AND feel great is to follow the basics and stick to a program long term.

    Jumping from this secret program to the next secret program won't deliver. Get that BS out of your head and prepare to get under a heavy barbell, attack your calisthenics and sprints.

    3. Success is NOT a part time thing.

    To get Strong......

    To achieve your life goals.....

    It is something you need to be ALL about.

    This means you have your training time locked down. It's not something you do out of convenience. It something you ARE. Period.

    Being Successful in your career and overall life, this is what you ARE. You don't understand mediocrity. You're a PRO, not an amateur.

    When I look at the Pro vs The Amateur I see a distinct difference in not just WHAT they do, but also HOW they do it.

    The amateur spends 4 hours a day reading web sites, facebook, instagram, etc and then gets brain washed by fads and gimmicks.

    The Pro finds the best of the best information, wastes ZERO time on the BS, the fads and gimmicks and immediately takes action. The Pro is highly efficient with the use of his time and is RELENTLESS in getting better every day.

    THAT is his simple goal. Get better. Every day. Period.

    No complications. No worries about who liked his instagram video. No worries about who applauds. him or not. No worries about what the next "save me" 6 week workout program is.....

    There ya go. Time to DO The Work.

    If that's not enough for you to finally say "FK it! I'm gonna punch my excuses in the face!".....

    Here's a Bonus from Mark Manson who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K


Your Goals. Your Success. RESULTS.....

They lie on the other side of comfortable. You want something? Prepare to get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable. You gotta EARN it.

Live The Code 365,



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  1. I hate all the “silver bullet” hype too! New Years seems to be the worst for it.

  2. Its true. A great article about getting stronger in the gym and in life. Most people do not do it NOW and keep on pushing it off

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