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Your Mission: Agile, Mobile & Hostile....

The REAL Men HAD it back in the day, The Golden Era & Old School times...

Why were the Agile, Mobile & Hostile? How did they achieve the ultimate in performance AND appearance? Their approach was simple yet challenging....

They concentrated on a blend of strength, muscle building, raw power and athleticism. It wasn't enough to be able to squat, bench or deadlift heavy. NO, Sir, these men blended gymnastics, strongman training, feats of strength and a mastery of bodyweight exercises into their repertoire.

Jumps, sprints, hand balancing and partner bodyweight exercises were also incorporated. If you're my age or older, you recall The World's Strongest Man Competition included some of the best bodybuilders in the world. Try asking the top bodybuilders of today to bend steel, carry a refrigerator on their back or heck, something as simple as farmer walking a pair of 100 lb dumbbells for 150 feet will render them exhausted, possibly even useless.

What a shame..... or did I say, What a sham??!!

Above, John Grimek easily tossing around over 300 lbs, cranking out tiger bends and demonstrating his amazing muscle control. John was a Perth Amboy native, just 5 short minutes away from The Underground Strength Gym!

John Grimek

Lately.... I've been experimenting with an almost exclusive bodyweight bodybuilding & strength building program (soon the program will be released so make sure you enter your e mail for updates, TOP Right).... My strength is sky high and my upper body has packed on muscle AND some serious width in the lats.

Trust me, after days of regular bodyweight pulling movements your lats feel pumped on a regular basis. My grip strength feels very tight and NO strength is lost, only gained. Soon I'll be blending in some regular Underground Strength to kick off each workout, perhaps a power lift, a dumbbell quick lift, a strongman or odd object lift....

I've used the template with my athletes and they are progressing faster than ever before. Remember, our goal isn't to simply be strong without application, we want the complete package: Agile, Mobile & Hostile! It's a blend of brute strength, athleticism, explosive speed, power and lean muscle.... Muscle that can actually DO WORK, how about that! Such a rarity nowadays.

Some of our athletes are viewed as odd, or as freaks. A tri athlete who flips 600 lb tires, climbs ropes, deadlifts 455 lbs and weighs 190 lbs!? Yes, he's the complete package and a waterman, like Laird Hamilton, surfing, paddle surfing, swimming in the ocean when the beaches are closed during storms, mountain biking, Underground Strength Training & more!

Another athlete, a former collegiate Football player, recently lost 20 lbs, and has GAINED strength & power. Imagine a 235 lb life guard, able to climb rope with ease, easily jumping on top of 50 + inches of tractor tires, swimming, running.... This IS athleticism and this IS what we're supposed to be able to do.

Stay tuned for some video footage, but, those of you who are members of The Underground Brotherhood have access NOW, to our latest Underground Workout of the Month, The August Underground Movie of Strength, and, coming this week, an interview with a former Navy SEAL, who REALLY knows what it means to be Agile, Mobile & Hostile.

Time to make breakfast for the family, then hitting the trails for some serious mountain biking!

Life is good by the Beach!



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Old School Bodybuilding and Bodyweight Training at it's BEST, the ULTIMATE Blend of brute strength, raw power and athleticism.

All you need is a barbell, a few dumbbells and your own body. Oh yea, you also need the guts, drive and determination that lacks in so many men nowadays. REAL Men can step forward, fakers, wimps and cry babies step aside.

Click HERE for The Gladiator Muscle Building Experiment

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Click HERE for The Gladiator Muscle Building Experiment

8 Responses

  1. Love the old school stuff… Hope to see more and more from the Underground. This is the shit the brings me to this site everyday several times a day and inspires me to kill it in the GYM. Keep it comin Zach and glad to see the Workout of the month keeping it old school and brutal. If you are not a member of the underground you are spinning your wheels. Looking forward to some Golden-Era workouts.

  2. Z,

    Any idea on the approximate date of release for the new bodyweight training program?

    Looking forward to it!

    Thanks brotha!!!

  3. Peter W Roberts says:

    Hey Zach

    Is that Freddy Ortiz in the pics man that guy was a house back in the day what width and density, they really pounded the meat on back then but in balance with amazing proportions. Keep the good work going great read, more of the same please.

  4. Love the afro t shirt, I want it!

  5. Dustin M. says:

    Amazing. Simply Amazing,

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again..”How the hell did they do it??” But it’s alright, our time will come.

    How can it not?! With guys like Zach showcasing the Golden Era and demonstrating what real man training is all about, I have no doubt that each and everyone of us can eventually have physiques that resemble Gladiators. Ohhh yeah. Keep up the hard work, men.

  6. Rick Walker says:


    I know you have kids so I thought you would appreciate this video of my step-son training for football. His first game is today. At he is the only 7 year old on the 7-8 team that starts at running back and linebacker. And, this is old skool training at it’s best!

    Keep killing it!

    -Rick Walker

  7. Zach,

    I just discovered your site. I love the old school stuff. I train out of my own home garage with a bench, a squat rack, a heap of free weight with bars and dumbbells. I don’t have the time, energy or equipment to deal with the latest fad or hi-tech program. I will keep coming back to be inspired.


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