Birthday Sale: 48 Years Old for 48 Hours


I'm turning 48 soon. 

On December 4th, my 48th trip around the sun is here and I want to celebrate with you by putting on my BIGGEST SALE EVER.

The Sale Will End on December 7th.

48% Off Everything. 

See the details below and also stay connected for the details of everything through my newsletter HERE. You do NOT want to miss the special offers and updates that do NOT get shared to the public. 

See all details of THE BIG 48 SALE below:

I created a 48% discount code for ALL my products because my 48th birthday is coming soon.

Yes. Everything is on Sale. BIG time.

Certifications included (I do NOT think I will do this ever again on my Certs).

Underground Strength Coach Cert


The 48% off code is:


Links to Almost All of my products are below: 

I have created MANY products, they are NOT all linked on the store so I am adding a few of them below:

The Volume Course

Strong and Lean Over 35 

48% Discount on my Gladiator STRONG for the First 2 Months:

Code ==> 48OFF

Or, 48% off when you sign up for Gladiator STRONG for a Year in Full.

Did I miss anything. 

Did the code not work?

You can email me by replying to my newsletter HERE.

Thank you for your support!

Live The Code 365,


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