Ep. 131 | Building STRONGER & TOUGHER Athletes + Strength Coach Career Regrets


STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 131

In this QnA I answer some GREAT questions that center around Building STRONGER & TOUGHER Athletes + my very own Strength Coach Career Regrets.

In between these questions I dig into mindset, training to be dangerous, nutrition, discipline, training adults vs younger athletes and a slew of other topics ALL strength related.

This is a passionate and intense episode as I discuss how the ways of the world are incorrectly guiding how we train, the excuses we make and how we want everything for free or dirt cheap.

Enjoy the show and thanks to all the people who took time to ask great questions on my Instagram.

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For those of you 80s / early 90s #Hardcore lifters / I will not lie, I miss the purity of showing up at the gym with that cassette tape I made hoping that they would play my music at the front desk. / What about the person who worked at the front desk Who had no business working there, letting Z 100 play with those depressing songs where people were singing about how their girlfriend broke up with them.... / and then you try to get psyched up to #squat heavy but that shitty commercial came on right before you were about to squat. / From there you started driving to every gym in the area, hoping somebody would understand that atmosphere is King. / But then you got to that gym, and you had another person working the front desk who didn’t give a shit, a.k.a. clock puncher 💀💀💀 / Then at the next Gym, you were #deadlifting heavy and you dropped the weight on your last rep. / That’s when the nerd behind the front desk came over to reprimand you and tell you that dropping those weights is bad. / Right then and there you realize that your only option is to build your own gym. / You realized it is us against them, the clock punchers of the world who live with zero passion and go through their day like zombies. / FK conformity. FK average. FK anyone who stands in your way. / #SimpleMan #StrengthCoach #PirateLife #UndergroundStrengthGym #Bodybuilding #Powerlifting

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