185 | The Business of STRENGTH & How to Get STRONGER


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 185 - This episode is about the Business of STRENGTH.

Not just about the Business side of things / operating a warehouse gym or being a Strength Coach, but the training aspect, the mindset and the inner workings that you're missing when it come to achieving STRENGTH.

Strength of mind, body & soul.

Dig in and enjoy. I crushed this at 5:30 AM and pulled the questions from my Instagram where I take most questions. I appreciate those of you who take the time to ask questions and listen to the show.

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The Scotch Plains Underground Strength Gym, a Place of WORK!

Zach's In Season Success Tips for Athletes

Zach's Upper Body Strength Session

The Spartan Way Podcast

Do NOT Segment Your Excellence - How to Be GREAT at EVERYTHING

WHO You Surround Yourself With Can Either Boost or Destroy Your Success

As you can see, I am super busy with not just The STRONG Life Podcast but also working with Spartan on their podcasts.

I am also back to teaching full time and looking to make an impact on strength & conditioning in the schools. With that change, The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym is becoming more of a private facility.

The application process will become more stringent and the commitment to training will not be about convenience. I want dedicated parents and hard working athletes, as always.

My coaching process is constantly evolving as my experiences with kids from youth to The D1 level these past few years have taught me so much.

Some more ideas that will be put into action soon enough.....

- The Online Cert will become an online course on my own platform. For those who pass the course, you'll be invited to The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym to have an opportunity to become certified. I don't feel right just yet allowing people to be certified until I see them training and coaching in person.

  • Operation Thunder Pt 2. I filmed this business course a while back and it is still a powerful business course for Strength Coaches but things have changed and I want to address those changes via an in person seminar.

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Live The Code 365,


The Underground Strength Academy

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