STRONG Life Ep 19: Marty Gallagher Pulls NO Punches On STRENGTH


Marty-Gallagher-FurnasIn this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, I interview Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive and trainer to Tier 1 Spec Ops Military Units in the states and overseas.


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Marty Gallagher is also quite a mentor to me, he lives a simple life, has lived and continues to live the ways of health, raw powerlifting and a STRONG life. He has NO interest in the shortcuts, the fads and the gimmicks, and of course, this is because he KNOWS that results in strength don't cut from shortcuts, fads and gimmicks.

I've spent time learning from Marty through countless e mails, phone calls and even in person. His outdoor gym based in his backyard shed is like heaven. Only a die hard lifter would agree with me.

The lifters Marty has coached are still legendary in the iron game. In this episode we discuss how they trained, his philosophy on training and life and much more.

In this episode we also discuss the following topics...

- The Simple Man Lifestyle

- Training methods & program design methods

- "Old School" strength methods vs the methods of today

- Creating Inspiration as a writer

- The Reason WHY you need to make exercise harder, not easier

- The basics of proper nutrition, intermittent fasting, cardio and more.....

- Inspiring & Educational Stories from his days Coaching the Dominant USA Powerlifting Team

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5 Responses

  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed the interview you did with him before (Inner Circle).
    He reminds me of Brooks Kubik. Life style, knowledge of lifting and just kick ass old man mentality. He is older than Brooks but both are people to look up to.

    1. Big D very true – Marty has been amazing to chat with, many things can’;t be spoken of openly with the Military work he does but he has coached the greats since the early 80s

      He is amazing, no doubt!

  2. Great podcast, once again!
    Marty’s passion for reading and writing are as inspiring as his training.
    His book is a gold mine of “real world” information.

    1. Frank, it’s awesome to hear Marty speak about his craft in writing and training, they are powerful!

      I am constantly re-reading and referring back to his book!

  3. What a great interview. Great old school, proven training/eating advice. Can’t get fantastic results from submaximal effort. Great stuff!

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