Ep. 214 | QnA: Sports Specific Training, Power Cleans & NEW Training Tools


Here we GO!

STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 214.

I wound up doing this live on Instagram with hopes of getting more questions and the audio gets a little crappy in the middle but hang in there, because as always, the information is AWESOME.

Plus, I am just NOT into that Hollywood BS, trying to impress everyone with perfection.

On the flip side, when I post opportunity for questions on Instagram, I want to see MORE questions. You should question everything. You should desire to learn more, to dig deeper and to take your mind and body to new heights.

In a nut shell, do NOT be a lazy looker. Come on! You KNOW I despise laziness. Laziness is a crime.

Anyway, let's get into the show, shall we?

In this QnA, we cover the following topics / questions:

- Sports Specific Training and what I REALLY do for athletes vs what you see on these crazy interwebs videos.

- How and when to teach athletes the Power Clean

- NEW Training Tools I will be using in my own workouts

- The problem with strength and conditioning technology + how technology is NOT helping Coaches.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Underground Strength Coach Certification

The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Manuals

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One Response

  1. Thanks again, Zach for the wise and timely advice(s)..
    You talked about getting a Sanddune and they are very versatile training tools.
    We have used one at the Cave for a couple of years now

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