290 | QnA: Minimalist Training, Underground Strength Coach Cert, Healthy Business & Lifestyle Design


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 290 HERE WE GO!

This was a GREAT QnA that I pulled from my Instagram.

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Topics discussed:

- Minimalist Training for Adults and Athletes

- Building Work Capacity in BIG Athletes

- Sample training session from The Underground Strength Gym

- Updates on The Underground Strength Coach Certification

- How to lead a Healthy Business & Lifestyle Design as a sports coach or strength coach

- How to build a Culture of Accountability, Hard Work & Success with High School Athletes

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

FREE Newsletter at http://ZachStrength.com

https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com - Underground Strength Academy

The USC Certification - ALL Online

Operation Thunder - The Warehouse Gym Project

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