328: QnA | Low T Levels, Choosing 1 Exercise for Life, Training Tactical Athletes & Developing RAW Power


STRONG Life Podcast Ep 328

This is a solo QnA episode where I discuss the following topics: Low T Levels, Choosing 1 Exercise for Life, Training Tactical Athletes & Developing RAW Power.

Below are a list of the questions / topics answered, and.....

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- What is ONE exercise I would do until forever if I could only choose ONE?

- How to escape a 9-5 job and get into the Strength & Conditioning field full time?

- What are my thoughts on the recent article from T Nation; Average Testosterone Levels have Dropped 30%

- What are my experiences training athletes who are paralyzed or double amputees. (These stories and experiences go back to the mid 90s.)

- How to develop Powerful legs for both Sports AND Life 

- How can a Coach avoid complacency?

- Tips on Training tactical athletes 

- My recent experiences testing my athletes on the effect of warm ups and heavy lower body lifting in conjunction with the vertical jump. In this example I share a test I ran one day at The Underground Strength Gym and go back to experiences I learned (but didn't understand) from the early 90s




Below, Herman Goerner at 245 lbs, the year was 1926. No "Low T" problems!

Photo Credit => Rogue Fitness

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