368 | STRONG Over 40: Strength Training for BJJ in Your 40s


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STRONG Life Podcast ep 368

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STRONG Over 40: Strength Training for BJJ in Your 40s

Topics / Questions answered in this episode:

- How to adjust training volume to maximize performance in BJJ / Muay Thai / Boxing

- Using sandbags, kettlebells and calisthenics to train for BJJ in your 40s

- How often to train in BJJ coupled with Strength when in your 40s 

Even if you're not in your 40s or "getting older", there is lots to learn in this episode.

Understand how to manipulate training volume and intensity to preserve the body, improve longevity, reduce chances of injuries and improve all around performance.

Enjoy the show and keep crushing those 5 star reviews!

Back in the day I did the Kettlebell Combat Complex with 70s. Today I would probably do this with the 44 lb Kettlebell. As we get older, you must learn how to get more from less. Learn how to work but not destroy yourself in training.

Training should support your life endeavors, whatever they are. If training is so intense that you become less useful outside of the weight room / gym, then you need to check your priorities.

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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Gladiator STRONG - 7 Days FREE

Underground Strength Manuals 


Underground Strength Coach Cert 

The Underground Strength Academy

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