369: Olin Kreutz | Football Strength, Martial Arts for Football & Early Days Training


STRONG Life Podcast ep 369 with Olin Kreutz

Olin is a former professional football player who played in the league for an amazing 14 years! I believe the average time spent in the NFL is 1.5 years. 

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In this episode I discuss with Olin the following topics:

  • Football Strength training in Olin's early days in Hawaii with his Grandfather, George Perry
  • Integrating Martial Arts, Hand Fighting and combat sports for improved Football performance
  • Lessons learned from SuperD / Donnie Thompson, John Quint, Grey Cook, Andreo Spino, Bill Gillespie, Tunch Ilkin and many more

  • What is often the most important trait that Olin must implement with the lineman he trains at his private training facility

This was an inspiring episode and I am grateful that Olin made some time for us. Thank you to ALL who share, support and crush 5 star reviews for us on Apple. Please drop a review HERE.

Keep attacking and enjoy the show!


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