415: Training for Men When You’re Tired | Destroy Your Inner WEAKNESS


STRONG Life Podcast ep 415

Training for Men When You're Tired | Destroy Your Inner WEAKNESS

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In this episode I talk about the mindset shift, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle strategies you should take when you're feeling tired and lacking motivation.

Enjoy the show!

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Correction to my note mentioned in this episode about Brian who posts his daily calisthenics on The Underground Strength Academy. 

Brian calls this The Daily 100.

I wrongly said he does 100 reps total, but the correction is below:

Also, another note on calisthenics.

I believe high school boys should be doing 100 push ups a day. I believe push ups should be normal activity for high school teens.

Middle school boys can do 50 reps a day.

It all starts at home. So if you're a busy Dad, do the calisthenics in front of your kids. They will acquire your strong habits by watching YOU.

GTG - Grease the Groove is excellent for the Busy Man.

GTG Article HERE

Grease The Groove (GTG) For Greater Strength [Training for Life]

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