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State of the Union of Strength & Conditioning - Inspired after a recent convo with John Welbourn on Power Athlete Radio, I wanted to elaborate further on this question / topic that John brought up during a recent podcast.

I didn't feel I answered his question thoroughly enough and even though I dug deep here on The STRONG Life, this question truly requires a round table with a few coaches and several hours, to be honest.

I know you will enjoy this episode, where we hit episode 450!

That is a LOT of podcasts! 450 episodes! I still remember recording my first few episodes on YouTube via skype and not even having a name for the podcast yet!

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Here is the Power Athlete Radio Podcast I did with John Welbourn that inspired me to expand on this topic of "The State of The Union of Strength & Conditioning".

Below are some of the resources I mentioned during the episode:

I discussed with John about how I have been returning back to some of the older ways of training because the athletes need it both physically and mentally.

Here's a video from 6 years ago:

Things we see too much of today:

  • Too much testing and time spent on testing, not enough time training and preparing the athlete for the rigors of sport, especially the rigors of practice.
  • Too much being married to technology and neglecting the art of coaching. Meaning, pick your head up and watch the athletes warm up. Watch how they move. Assess them as they move both physically and psychologically. Otherwise, you are a slave to technology. Coaches must learn to blend tech with the art of coaching.

Strong and Useless is a term I have written about very often. Read about it HERE. 

This is what happens when you are a slave to the weight room and still testing 1RM and nothing else or barely anything else.

The best way to keep evolving as a Coach is to be open to new training methods while testing and experimenting on the floor, while actually coaching. On top of that, do YOU Train?! If you don't train, you can never truly understand these methods. Test them on yourself first & foremost.

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