Jason Spray On Organizing Football Workouts, Speed Training & Building TOUGH Champions



If you're like me, you strive to get better every damn day!

You KNOW to stray FAR away from those poor souls who say, "We always did it that way...."

Those people FEAR excellence. Let them stay scared. NOT you.....

In Episode 75 of The STRONG Life Podcast I have an awesome convo with D1 Football Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jason Spray, On Organizing Football Workouts, Speed Training & Building TOUGH Champions in Sports AND Life.

Jason is the Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach at The University of Middle Tennessee.

Here's a lil' taste of his behind the scenes work with UMT Football.

We discuss many awesome topics regarding training, below are just SOME of them:

- How Jason organizes workouts every week, from speed work to strength work to mobility and more.

- In Season VS Off Season Football Workouts

- Box Squat or Free Squat?

- Jason's Early Mentors in Strength & Conditioning and how they Influenced him

- The lifestyle of a D1 Strength Coach

- Balancing Family with Work

- How strong is strong enough in D1 Football?

- How to train the skill guys vs the big guys?



Connect with Jason Below:



We cover a LOT of ground on training so prepare, as always, to get your mind blown! You will likely listen to this episode more than once.

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2 Responses

  1. Jay Jairdullo says:

    Really enjoying the Podcasts with the D1 Strength Coaches and hearing how you inspire them. Nice to see you get the recognition you deserve in the S&C community Z! Keep attacking life brother! As always I appreciate all you do!

    1. Jay, I love chatting with them as well! Psyched you love them! Hope to see you soon, brotha!!!

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