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I am constantly asked about my favorite books or what I'm reading right now.

My library is constantly growing, evolving, adding books on training, business, lifestyle, mindset and inspirational autobiographies.

If you use the search bar on my blog you can find some OLD videos of me showing you the library from my previous home. Type in phrases such as "strength books", "business books", "strength & conditioning books", etc.

Those older videos were certainly from some years ago but I STILL recommend those books. Old books don't necessarily mean bad books. In fact, many of the older books are free of filler, fads and gimmicks so you can't go wrong with them more often than not.

For now, I will share with you this video and link up a few more books under this video as well. If you want to be kept in the loop on my favorite books, I give Underground Strength Insiders a weekend reading list every Friday.

This particular list is centered around my favorite strength & conditioning books. I will create another video for the other categories such as business, lifestyle and then the books that fall under one umbrella and impact me in ALL areas of life. That type of book is often an autobiography or a military book.

Stand by for that list and video. For now, enjoy a list of my favorite strength & conditioning books.

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Enjoy my library video, below:

Library Video Below From December, 2015

There are some books that aren't in my office (Not shown on Video), instead, I have books floating around in all areas of my house.

I keep books in various areas because I often take quick breaks throughout my day and read. Sometimes I read outside on my back deck, other times on the couch.... Reading and learning is a passion of mine.

A Great book can change your life.

Here is a List of Authors and Books I highly recommend from Strength & Conditioning.

Click any author or title for link.

Louie Simmons - Westside Barbell Book of Methods, Special Strength Development for All Sports

Marty Gallagher - Purposeful Primitive

Explosive Power & Jumping Ability for All Sports

Underground Secrets to Faster Running

Becoming A Supple Leopard

Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr

Ultimate Athleticism by Max Shank

The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning (Of Course!)

Convict Conditioning

Facts & Fallacies by Mel Siff

Easy Strength by Pavel & Dan John

This list will keep evolving..... I usually invest in 1 book every week under the topic of training, business or life.

Drop a comment with your questions or your own recommended books.

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Zach,

    You should check out The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. It’s a study on how “overnight” talents are actually incredibly trained people who have master coaches and practice deeply. It researches the hotbeds of talent like Caribbean baseball and South Korean women’s golf. I feel like it describes what you are doing in Jersey with your wrestlers.

    Live the code.


  2. Starting Strength-Mark Rippetoe
    Beyond Training-Ben Greenfield

    Both great books with scientifically backed info. Starting strength have me (a beginner in powerlifting) a ton of great information on how to get started.

  3. Books are the secret weapons of those striving for excellence!
    Just got some titles from your list I don’t have (yet)
    Time to place an order!

  4. Caleb Burzan says:

    Thanks for sharing this Z. You are a true inspiration. .

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