Develop Full Body Strength with Farmer Walk Variations


I'm a BIG believer in carrying heavy objects of all kinds.

It requires you to perform an explosive power clean or a Deadlift at the beginning of every set.

Then, you must wrestle the object into position which works the "in between muscles" as my friend Marty Gallagher describes it.

Carrying the objects in different positions force your trunk to work in a rotational and stability manner which is excellent for sports preparation.

There is plenty of "equipment" you can carry in addition to what you just saw. Creativity is key with carries along with ensuring proper posture and technique. 

What are you gonna carry at the beginning or end of your next workout?

Tell us about it and let's see who can come up with some kick ass ideas!

Post your comments below!


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5 Responses

  1. Victor Walter says:

    Good stuff !
    I’m gonna carry my heavybag this afternoon !

  2. Joe Chizek says:

    Yo Z!
    I love it man! Just starting to make some of my own sandbags. Can’t wait to try em out! Thanks for introducing them to me…

  3. Fireman carries for distance, especially in sand, suck…but they work, too. I’ll grab my training partner/buddy and alternate with him. Or, I might just grab my girlfriend, throw her over my shoulder…carry her as far away as I can and sprint back!

  4. You should have them do squats after they reach each side. If they can, even squat kicks with the bag on top. I should try that!

  5. Joe Rogers says:

    It used to be when I was a kid my hockey bag was the heaviest thing I ever carried. But it was so worth it! I got to fly around the ice as fast as I could go and hit anybody in my way!

    Now I’m going to look for something bigger to carry.

    I think I’m going to put it at the end of my workout. See how far and how long I can go.

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