“I’m too tired to train…..”


I've been getting a lot of emails from guys who are exhausted from LIFE.

Work, family, work more, life stuff happening.

I KNOW the feeling.

But sorry, fellas, we are MEN, we MUST be STRONG.

I guarantee you that any woman reading this agrees, and, she is probably saying the same for her own expectations.

If you haven't been training for a while, I want you to do these 4 exercises, 3 x week:

1) Any type of Carry (mix these up). You can see TONS of variations inside my manual HERE.

2) Sled Work (Make 1 from a tire or buy one, they are super affordable so NO excuses here).

3) Band Work: Triceps from all angles, Face Pulls, Pull Aparts, Dislocators.

4) Walk (do this daily) for 10 minute minimum

If you need variations, see my videos or get The Underground Strength Manual or get inside The Underground Strength Academy.

After a 4-6 week intro period, then you're ready to start adding some basics such as:

- KB Swings

- Goblet Squats

- Push Up Variations

- Recline Ring Rows

- Walking Lunges

- Light DB Work for 15-20 reps per set such as: DB Bench, DB Triceps XTs, DB Curls, DB Rear Delts, DB Rows

Slow and steady will keep you consistent.

Don't try to squat, deadlift, and be an animal from the gate, you'll get injured, set yourself back and get discouraged. Slow and steady to build your base with higher reps and lighter weights.

Intermediates and beyond should be part of Gladiator STRONG.

And if you are wondering how or when I get tired, YES, I am tired quite often! It's Nothing to brag about, it's just the way it is with work, running multiple businesses, family and LIFE. You can let it be an excuse or use it to drive you. I HATE my own excuses so I get pissed off and do work instead of complain.

When I feel run down, I set the alarm for 6 AM instead of 5 AM. Sleep is BIG time crucial if you want your training to produce results. The less I sleep the weaker I get and the more run down my immune system gets. On the weekend, if I am lucky, I sneak in an afternoon nap.

If I am truly sick, then I skip my workout and focus on healthy eating and getting to bed earlier than normal.

If I am run down and tired, I get in shorter workouts but I STILL train. You don't need to live some perfect life to get the green light to train. I recall reading how many of the bodybuilders guys from the 50s and 60s would train before or after work. The 5-6 am / pm groups were pumping.

It reminded me of Diamond Gym, whether it was the am or pm crew, I saw a lot of guys lifting in boots, jeans and flannels, NOT because that was the style but because that was the only time they could make it happen!

I also make sure I am surrounded by go getters.

Last night at my Scotch Plains (Underground Strength Gym) NJ location, I trained along side athletes and adults, REAL people who have families, work, stress and all that "normal stuff".

We just step up and get after it!

Yesterday's training:

1A) KB Swings 3 x 10

1B) KB Squats 3 x 10

1C) Yoga Push Ups 3 x 10

2A) KB Windmill 3 x 5 / 5

2B) Ring Scare Crow 3 x 10

2C) DB Triceps XTs 3 x 20

3A) Safety Bar Squats 5 x 3 working sets

3B) BPA or Face Pull 5 x 20

4A) DB Triceps (Again!!) 3 x 15

4B) DB Curls 3 x 10-15

4C) Hanging Abs 3 x MAX

5) Captains of Crush Grippers 6 x

Here's a throwback from a training session where guys visited my gym and wanted to train but I had to run, so we did 2 exercises:

1) Clean & Press

2) Bodyweight Pulling

There ya have it. NO Excuses.

Here's my recent Spartan Way Podcast with a NO Excuses Workout.

Lessons I've Learned on Building Momentum & Achieving MORE

And for the days that time is seriously out of control and you're on a crunch, just do 1 exercise!

For the non busy, non parents, that sounds crazy.

But for those of us who have days that never end, sometimes you just gotta do 1 lift and be done. 1 and done I call it!

  • Deadlift and Leave
  • Squat and Leave
  • Clean & Press and Leave
  • Farmer Walk and Leave
  • Kettlebell Get Ups and Leave

Now, you still need to warm up. Hit a few light sets and then work up to 1 - 3 heavy sets and be done. 

If you need help with your training, contact me HERE.

OWN the day!

Live The Code 365,


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