Iron Roots Ep. 12 | Dinosaur Training


It was the mid 90s and bodybuilding was starting to go from 220 lb competitors to 275 lb competitors.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fitness magazines began to get popular along with body pump and spin classes inside gyms.

The hardcore gyms began closing or tried to change to appeal to the masses. There was not much opportunity for those who wanted to lift heavy and hard and feel part of a community.

IF you were lucky, you came across THE book that took a stand against ALL the fads & gimmicks.

The book?

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik!

Those who were lucky enough to find this book in the 90s began a movement of garage gym gladiators and cellar dwellars. Guys who were training in their small spaces with simple yet powerful tools:

  • Barbells
  • Thick Handle Dumbbells
  • Water Filled Kegs
  • Homemade Sandbags
  • Stones

It was a group of lifters who found a way while others found excuses. They took immense pride in NOT being "normal". And to this day, they still feel the same. Nothing fancy, LOTS of hard work with short workouts 2 - 3 x week.

It was The Dinosaurs vs them.

It was Dino Lifting. Dino Cardio. Dino EVERYTHING.

Here's episode 12 of The Iron Roots Podcast where I share 1 of my favorite training books ever, if only I had come across this book earlier.....


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Here's a Dinosaur Training inspired holiday workout circa 2009!

I also pay attention to the ENERGY in these videos. I guess I can safely say, Kids WERE different "back then"....

Even though this wasn't that long ago, things have changed. We need to keep Dinosaur Training alive and well!

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4 Responses

  1. Dustin Maynard says:

    One of the best books of all time! No doubt. This man, and Steve Justa both completely changed my outlook on strength training. And to this day, I have found very few people who can keep up with me in the past decade. Thanks for reminding the folks of this book!

    1. Dude I remember Steve, I saw some OLD YouTube Videos of him looked like he was in the backwoods somewhere,
      lifting a truck and playing a old piano like rock n’ roll!

  2. It was Dinosaur Training that first got me interested in strength training. I used to body build because I thought it was making me stronger. I kept getting hurt doing everyday things. Found out real strength training was the best !

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