Mental Toughness for Life AND Lifting



This video was put together by someone who obviously admires my man, Smelly, aka Mark Bell. The words resonate with people like you and I.... Underground Strength Nation. It's about Mental Toughness, Discipline, Commitment, Attacking Life.....

WARNING: This video has adult language so don't blast it while at work....

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

I also wanna say something here. I write for Smelly's magazine, The Power Magazine. I mentioned in one of my articles about Smelly Living The Code. The man has integrity. He follows his passion, he doesn't follow what others entice him to do....

Years ago when Smelly & his buddy Jesse were coming to The Underground for a Powerlifting seminar we had a Helluva time trying to get people in the doors. You probably remember me talking about this story....

I told Smelly to cancel the seminar since we could barely give the damn seminar away. Smelly told me, "Dude, I'm not cancelling the seminar. If 1 person shows up I'm coming to Jersey to make somebody STRONGER."

He was committed to his mission, and, he still is, always will be.

That, my friends, is called LIVE The Code.

Many talk about it...

Few people do it....

Even fewer LIVE it!



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  1. I dont know “Smelly” personally but he seems to be one helluva dude. His rants about overtraining are legendary and really hit home wirh me.

    Also his documented honesty about himself and his “darker” past really impressed me. Every single person of us has his/her weak spots. We’re all weak somewhere – that its ok. If you cant commit to that fact and be honest about youself you are not a strong person and never will be. And Smelly seems to be just that – a strong dude in a cool sense.
    Dont waste your lifetime with dishonest people.

    1. “F..k you & f..k your elbow!”
      LEGENDARY! hahaha…

      Gotta luv him for that….


    I’m nursing myself through a heavy injury, but all I wanna do is get under the bar, Smelly is killing it.

    Thank you so much for the pick me up, it has made my month.

  3. can’t stop watching this,… this could do it. The old powerlifting juices are flowing. Appreciate all you do Zack. Love it. Crush it. DO IT !!!

  4. Killer, really makes you take a deep look inside. All those excuses that try to pop up. Just gotta kill em! Reminds me of the video Mack did for the raiders.

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