Monday Motivation: How Bad Do You REALLY Want It?


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I am a highly motivated Coach. I feel this is a fault, perhaps not though? You can comment below and drop your thoughts as my mind wanders too much. I find myself louder, more aggressive and more intense than 99.9% of my athletes. I want them to train harder, rest less, move heavier weights.

I sometimes wonder why I am so loud and excited and they seem so quiet. I try to calm down and let them take the wheel. I wait to see if they will have intrinsic motivation. A few are animals and show the eye of the tiger, others seem to be searching for that inner animal. Perhaps it just isn't there?

Here and there a parent tells me they will no longer have little Johnny continue training at The Underground Strength Gym due to finances yet little Johnny has a Lexus or an Infiniti at the age of 17. He doesn't have a job either. Finances? Naaaaaa. Different priorities? Yes.

If finances are a problem and you're a young lad go get a job and help Mom and Dad, NOT for gym membership, but because it's the RIGHT thing to do. If you don't want to be a kick ass athlete and don't enjoy a brutally challenging workout we don't want you here anyway.

Other times they say Little Johnny is too busy. Too busy to train 1 or 2 hours each week? I am confused. What does Little Johnny do after school? Is there really 6 hours of homework every day?

At The Underground Strength Gym, we are not training to fit in with others and to become part of Team Average. Sorry, we're here to be front and center of Team Ass Kicker. Period. Need I explain any further?

The world has enough lazy excuse makers but The Underground doesn't have room for ONE such athlete who doesn't demand excellence of himself.

Watch the video below and ask yourself if you too have such desire.

Notice the Coach did NOT make any special treatments for the aspiring boxer. The boxer had to pay for his coaching as do all other students. The boxer had to work for his money. The boxer was clearly comfortable being UNcomfortable.

And, let me tell you a little secret. You need to learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you wanna succeed in this world, let me cut through the hype and BS of everything happening fast and easy. Sorry, the things worth anything nowadays require some serious gut busting work. That's THE truth.

And that's your Monday Motivation.



PS: Running your own garage or warehouse gym is NOT easy. It takes serious work to grow your business. If you're ready to learn, I will teach you, time waits for no man or woman....

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24 Responses

  1. Christopher Reed says:

    GOD DAMN IT! This is EXACTLY what the f#ck I’m talkin’ ’bout. I feel this post and video the most – I live it and I CHOOSE to live it! The choice is MINE and I WANT IT! Cause this is the stuff that dreams are made of – this is a dream becoming!

    F#CK! Right on the money Z, right on.

    “Age Quod Agis” “What you do; Do Well!”

    – Christopher

  2. That video gave me the chills! I agree with you 100%; 1-2 hours per week is doable for any athlete; it’s sad to see that more and more are not willing to do what it takes to be a REAL champion, let alone put in some grunt work and know what it feels like to be constantly challenged.

    Way too many are being coddled and pampered in the day and age of the cell phone and facebook…

    Spend your time being Uncomfortable and you WILL kill it.

    Great post as always, Zach!

  3. Great stuff as always Zach. The mantra “be comfortable with the uncomfortable” is something I’ve adapted with my own small business. I’d use it as my company slogan but unfortunately its a painting company. Its helped me overcome barriers and walls I put up for myself through mistakes during my younger years. Thanks for reinforcing everything I pride myself on. You’re a true inspiration, and when the time comes for my own son to get wrestling strength you’ll be the 1st person I come to. Keep up the quality work.

  4. Exactly. Training is all about making it so difficult and intense, that when you get on the playing field or real life, sh** is just flat out easier! Put minimum rest between sprints so when the 2 minute drill comes, sh** is like cake! Opponents will be sucking gas and you’ll be kicking a**! You dont play in AC so why would you train in it??

  5. Hey mate!

    What a write uP! and WHAT A VIDEO! UNREAL!!


  6. Franco C. says:

    that video was what i wish everyone i couldn’t get to start training would watch. they always spoke about not having enough money or time. excuses are for the weak. if you want to get somewhere you gotta follow the right map … if not you’re just walking in circles. that IS the difference between successful and unsuccessful people — a plan of attack — and the right one at that.

    as always Z you gave me more than i could’ve asked for on a monday morning — without even asking.

    keep kickin a$$

  7. Paul Murphy says:

    Just completed day one off my sports science degree. Now its off to the gym and then work later.I was one of the first in today as i was working on an article for amateur sports athletes. I’m juggling a shit load of things and it’s scarey, but its post like these from you Zach that keeps me focused and motivated keeps me pushing and demanding more form myself thanks man and keep it up you’ve filled a void in my life.

  8. WOW!!! That video was UNREAL, it gave me chills all the way through. I can’t wait to go train tonight and KILL IT!

    Really nice write up Zach!

  9. Zach,

    You said you couldn’t write well, and that video was your voice.. well I think you write pretty damn well my man!

    Crazy video…



  10. That’s fuckin right. Just came back from today’s workout and needed something to hype me. I’ve got stretching waiting. And technique work. Thanks Zach. Keep it up!

  11. I had just finished my morning run followed by a couple of prowler sprints, as a matter of fact, I was still nauseous while I was reading the email. Bro, you speak the truth and watching that video was a great way to start the day, very inspirational.

  12. In the end, it all comes down to one basic question – if you really want something, how much are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

    Keep spreading the word, Z.


  13. Z – Awesome Stuff, as usual! Can’t wait to get down there come Dec!

  14. Great post Zach. This is one of the reasons why I love to train wrestlers. They just seem to GET IT.

    They understand that there are going to be times were they need to make a SACRIFICE in order to get better.

    They understand EXCUSES just aren’t going to “cut it” if they want to improve.

    They find a way to GET IT DONE, no matter what the situation.

  15. WHAT’S UP BRUTHA???? Coach Z, love getting your emails, this was an awesome way to get my day started. Keep doing your thing and hopee we can still hook up in the very near future.

    I need to come in and get a little Underground bro!

    Mike “The Machine” Bruce

  16. Machine – so psyched you enjoyed it brutha, you KNOW all about the work ethic required, I saw it with my own eyes as you took your small little gym to an ass kicking gym, your story of making it through The Marines and growing up into a man of influence around the world.


    Peace Brutha!


  17. Keith Fine says:

    DUDE!! That has to be the most inspirational video I’ve ever seen you post,thanks bro,keep leading from the front.

  18. “Finances? Naaaaaa. Different priorities? Yes.”

    So TRUE!!

  19. Dean Griess says:

    Thanks Z! You are an inspiration. I find your article with the video that you posted. Those that want to succeed treat as if they are struggling for breath while being held under water. Priorities in life is what defines us all!

    For example: If your top priority is to be skate by, guess what you will then be lazy, mediocre and not get out of life what you want. If your top priority is family, you will do anything it takes to ensure they have the life they and you want them to have.

    Do work! Pay the Price! Success Will Come!

  20. I can’t quit watching the video!


  21. Holy friggin’ cow! (sorry, work email, cant curse) Im in awe. The video was amazing. Comfortable being uncomfortable almost doesnt do it justice. Just when I think training is going nowhere, you always have something to light up my motivation,Z Thanks.

  22. mike mike anthony says:

    Can somebody name that song? So i can add it to my training playlist

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