Pussification of The World – Words from a Wrestler


MANY people loved my article on The Pussification of America.

MANY also complained about it.

Here is 101 seconds of TRUTH from one of the baddest BJJ fighters in the world, Dustin Denes, his origins come from wrestling.

If you are sensitive or under 18 this video is NOT for you.


Seek & Destroy..... Go Hard or Go Home....

The training program that needs to be administered to eliminate The Pussification of America is HERE.

But, I've learned that what I do and the way I train is NOT for everyone. Not everyone wants to push the envelope, challenge their mind and body....

Perhaps you want to dig deeper and go beyond your normal "limits"? Perhaps not. I'm confused by the countless many who are satisfied with average in all they do.

Average sucks and gets you nowhere. That's the TRUTH.

Don't guess about what to do, challenge yourself and Man the F**K UP. Training in your cozy, posh environment is where losers hang out.

If you're a whiner, cry baby or complainer, what goes on HERE is NOT for you.



PS: Not everyone understands my theory of "Get comfortable being UNcomfortable."

Those who train like this are also those who create BIG success in their life, not just the physical. The mental toughness built from these workouts is what it's about.

5 Responses

  1. Hey Zach great post.

    Here’s more fuel for the fire,


    Its an article in the NY Daily News about how the state has deamed games like wiffle ball, frisbee, dodge ball and the like un-safe for our kids.

    A quote from the article, ‘That’s right, officials have decided the age-old street game (Freeze Tag) – along with Wiffle Ball, kickball and dodgeball – poses a “significant risk of injury.”‘

    Its amazing how we (anyone older than 30) survived this long.

  2. Get to the basics and work f****** HARD ! ! ! ! ! !
    This is why I love your blog so much ! ! ! !

  3. Metal is dead! Hardcore gyms are dead! Serious lifters are dead! Barbarians are dead!

    WE’RE not dead! Sometimes we go into hiding, but you see us! We’re the scary beast that stand in front of you at the grocery store with 20# of chicken, 20# of beef, 7 dozen eggs, and more fruit and veggies than your whole family consume in a year. That is one weeks worth of food! MAYBE!

    Yes you do and will move when I walk into a room! No I don’t like to smile! And if you piss me off I can and will flip your car over with you in it!

    There is a difference between being a social a!shole, and just being an a!shole. A social a!shole is like a barking small dog. Walks around flaring their arms and slamming into people just to bark something tough and loves to talk about how many people they beat up or times they were arrested for fighting. A real a!shole doesn’t have to say a word. You can see they are nothing to mess with because their arms are bigger than your legs, and they have no neck!
    They don’t smile, and with a stare will make you sh!t your pants.
    I love it when a little guy mouths, “Dynamite comes in small packages!” which I reply, “But Atom bombs are huge and cause much more damage.”
    We’re not dead! Just waiting!

  4. Man I love your posts. Average sucks.

    Awesome stuff.

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