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Sometimes ya gotta pack your bags and move on. Staying in the same space, doing the same thing and lack of self evolution is the ultimate way to stress yourself out.

You can be good at a lot of stuff or GREAT on a select few areas of your life that you are REALLY passionate about.

Focus on the few, NOT the many.

In the videos below I address a few different topics that come to me quite often.

Although the questions are the same, often times the answers must change according to the circumstance of each question.

  • Strength Coach Business
  • Strength Coach Standard of Excellence
  • Training Athletes In Season
  • Training Someone for Military & Army Ranger Selection
  • More Reasons Why I Stopped The Live Underground Strength Coach Certification

Enjoy the Videos Below.

There's Some Serious Knowledge & TRUTH Bombs Dropped in these Videos!

Got questions or comments on these videos? Please drop them below & I'll answer.

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Till the next time....

Live The Code 365,


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  1. Great post Z, thank you! That was a much-needed printed “punch in the face”. Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck with the new ventures!

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