RAW with Marty Gallagher: Strength Endurance, Minimalist Training & Fighting the Fads & Gimmicks of Strength & Conditioning


In this BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I join my friends of Iron Company on their podcast. We've got JP Brice, Marty Gallagher and Jim Steel.

Marty's podcast is called RAW, and once you hear his unfiltered ways of conversing with me you'll understand exactly why!

We discuss the following topics:

- How my background in training began, from hardcore gyms to current days of The Underground Strength Gym

- How some of the Powerlifters of the 60s, 70s and 80s trained for world record strength lifting with the bare minimum of equipment as well as minimalist style training

- How I train athletes and build them up to where I want them to be both physically and mentally.

- Why I use a variety of equipment and training methods for both physical and mental stimulus

- The state of Physical Education and Youth Fitness and how I train youth athletes at The Underground Strength Gym along with my calisthenics + sprint routine for Physical Education.

These guys are awesome and I love chatting with them and even more so, spending time with them when we're "working".

Visit https://IronCompany.com and you'll see their equipment, articles, podcasts and more from this top notch company.

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Thank you!

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