Stories of Vintage Bodybuilding & Strength Training, Part I


I had a GREAT time as always at Skiba's Barbell Club in Carteret, NJ. I was lucky to chat with Skiba's long time friend and vintage strength historian, Ray Anderson.

This is part I of a 2 part interview so please stay tuned for part II.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.



I always get fired up just thinking about WHO used the old equipment and just how strong they were.

I NEVER knew Coney Island had their own version of the "East Coast Muscle Beach"?!?!

And, Ed Jubinville used to live in my hometown of Edison, NJ!

In fact, Ray told me that Ed's original gym equipment is STILL in someone's basement here in Edison, and the stuff hasn't been used or moved since!

Maybe I'll be knocking on doors VERY soon to get in an old school workout with Ed Jubinville's equipment, time to dust it off!

It's amazing how the equipment that is decades and decades old is still holding up. And, none of it was 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 steel.

IRON ROOTS: Conversations with Jan Dellinger discussing old school York Barbell equipment.

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  1. I’m only 32, but love the history & all the ol’ time strength stuff! Cool! I believe Joe Bonomo is from Coney Island. He was amazing & wrote a biography that is super hard to put down. It’s that good! Also, he became a famous stunt man after his strong man days.

    Hey Zack, you need to find that old gym equipment in your hometown there!!! I bet it’s a goldmine. Put an ad in the paper.

    1. Indeed Joe Bonomo is a legend. I have many of his books and courses.

  2. Zach-

    Speedy recovery to you! Some good info- I never would have thought that the East Coast hub of Bodybuilding was Coney Island I would have assumed Miami.

    Nice to know there was strong man close to Canada. You ad to cut it right when he was getting into the Kettlebell segment! Now I have even further reason to watch for part two!

    Good shizza- keep it comin!

    – Chris
    p.s. false weight dumbells may come in handy keep your eyes open for me! lol

  3. Love your visits to Skiba’s!

    Christopher, if you are interested in Canadian strongmen do you know about Louis Cyr?

  4. part 2 will come soon enough guys

    the vintage stuff definitely has me buzzin, these guys knew about strength and muscle and sure had a way about it!


  5. Aj Holmes says:

    I have some of Ed Jubinvilles equipment! from oak flat bench that you see in pictures to full machines. awesome welds and craftmanship. looking to get rid of them. I live in massachusetts. they were given to me by a close friend of ed’s. 978-413-0353

  6. Benjamin Martinez says:

    Just want to say thanks, I bought several tons of weights and some equipment in the late 70’s and open my Gym in 1980, you guys are the metro of all gym equipment builders ………
    Ben’s Gym

  7. Bill Witt says:

    This is cool. I didn’t know the passion for vintage weights and equipment was a thing. In last couple months I’ve been searching around the web. I saw you Zach on PGH couple days ago. I selling off my gym, and it hurts. I started putting it together at 14 years old from lawn mowing money. All Ed Jubinville. I have 8 pieces of equipment and had 3300 lbs of weights mostly york. I’m just outside of Baltimore, I had my dad drive me to york couple times late 70’s. 14 wh when I started. Some weights are mid 80s. Bought some after the service. My parents signed for me I went in the army at 17. Ronald Reagan was my commander in chief. I couldn’t vote for him the first term but I could fight for him. From 14 years old till I left for the army at 17 I weighed 128lbs and benching 405/420 lbs. For about 10 years was benching 3 times my weight. I owe most to my grandparents for the good genes but I definitely owe a ton of it to Mr. Ed Jubinville. So damn near 45 years my gym been with me. I would love sell at least some to people who know and appreciate the good ole days. Ed made his equipment to last. It’s just like when I bought it. And he sold it cheap because he wanted to help kids like me. Never met him, but would have loved to. Anyway if anyone wants to reach me my names Bill and my email is billwitt1963 (AT) gmail dot com
    Stay strong, adios

  8. Brings back memories of Ed Jubinville’s Weight Exercising Equipment
    factory. I remember that catalog you’ve included in this article. I lived in Worcester, MA which is about 50 miles form Holyoke and I would rent a UHaul and head for Ed’s shop where I bought some pounds of weights and a dozen of his exercise machines, many of which I still own and use while I’m in my 70s now. They’ve served me well all these years.

    1. That must have been GREAT times! I still see used Jubinville equipment for sale up by you!!

    2. Hi Sky

      Would you be lookng to sell any of your Juninville equipmnt?
      Looking for calf raise machines. Thanks

  9. Paul Gardiner says:

    In high school, we drove from Boston to Holyoke to visit Ed Jubinville’s facility and order 8 pieces of equipment. This was in 1982-1983. This stuff was heavy duty, all welded, thick iron and bullet proof. Our basement was a gym for our friends to come over and lift while listening to our 8 track tapes. My brother and I split the pieces as we got older and moved to our own homes. We still have some of the pieces. Stands the test of time like no other equipment we bought. The Jubinville lat machine was fully welded, meaning the weight stack was there for good as the guide rods were welded to the frame. I have no idea how we carried it up our driveway and dropped it down the basement bulkhead. Great seeing their old advertising pieces, great memories.
    I read how Ed passed away, while working out. He was a force till the end.

    1. Paul, BIG Thank you for sharing this awesome story! I can only imagine how magical those times were. Pure strength training, no airpods and distractions. Just you and your buddies and the IRON!!

  10. Hello

    Looking for vintage old school biceps machine, paramount, cadillac biceps machine etc..


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