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On an almost daily basis I get e mails from aspiring Strength Coaches asking me about how to start their own gym.

Perhaps they are coaching inside a school or somewhere else and now they want their OWN thing.

The e mail more often than not asks me about the following topics:

  • How I started The Underground Strength Gym on a budget
  • How I connected with athletes, coaches & parents
  • How I set up / organized business insurance, LLC, etc while training from my house
  • How to organize training / athlete program design
  • How I found a way to run my business while also teaching full time and being a family man
  • How to market the business

Here's what I have learned since my early beginnings.....

Not everyone is cut out to be a Strength Coach.

Even MORE are not ready for the dedication to start, grow, build and nourish a strength & conditioning facility.

My answers to get started are simple, but NOT easy.

The questions above have ALL been answered through:

ALL of the resources above are FREE. If you dig in and use Google, you'll find countless interviews I have done regarding being a strength coach, running a warehouse gym, etc. - it's SO easy, most are missing the boat!

I used to have pay to exchange e mails with coaches! Or I had to pay monthly to have access to a forum with other high level coaches. I respected and ran with every ounce of information they shared with me because I invested in this information when I was in heavy debt.

I found a way instead of finding an excuse! THAT is my simple advice to Strength Coaches. Find a way to make it happen.

The FREE information is all around you.

Now, here is where people mistake Free for Free. That doesn't make sense, does it?

Sure it does.

The information is FREELY given. There is NO $$ Investment in 90% or more of the info.

There is, however, Your Investment of Time, Energy, Dedication and eventually, Actions.

So that is where it is NOT Free because you have work to do: Time, Energy, Learning, Taking Action, etc.

Most want answers handed to them but free info handed to you is never valued.

Or, Coaches want to "Take you out for lunch to pick your brain."

I turn all these invites down because I KNOW they won't help you.

I give away so much free stuff, people don't value it anymore.

I have done free phone calls and lunches and coffee, etc with aspiring Coaches or Coaches in business and then 1 year later they didn't do anything with the information.

Now, thanks to learning those lessons, I protect my time. The time I give freely is time I can't give to my family or people who pay to train with me.

Time is your most valuable asset because you never get back lost time. It is gone. Forever.

And, in a world where the majority of information is free, people glance or breeze over s much of this highly valuable stuff.

My goal is to help people. By handing over information with no investment whatsoever, you will not be well prepared for the rigors of being a independent strength coach or warehouse gym owner.

In a nut shell, you MUST spend time on the daily learning. You need to read business and marketing books. Listen to podcasts, Attend seminars / conferences and even learn from businesses outside of strength & conditioning.

When you invest your own time and money, you value the knowledge much more. You also learn what it's like to invest in something you want. 1 day, when you own your own gym / business, people will invest in YOU and your training / services. If you aren't confident enough to invest in your own knowledge, you will have a TOUGH time sharing your message and letting people know why they should invest in you.

Always, Always, ALWAYS.... Invest in YOU.

YOU are the best investment that you can and should be able to trust fully.

I give people a few options when they want to step up.

My Online USC Cert

The Warehouse Gym Blueprint

My Masterminds (I announce these via my newsletter every few months).

The thing I can't teach is the mindset and the thick skin you need as a business owner. That comes through life experiences and if possible, mentoring under a Strength Coach.

It's not easy.

But, nothing worth having will ever be easy!

The Warehouse Gym Blueprint


The Underground Strength Coach Certification


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