STRONG Life Ep 69: QnA Training Different Athletes, Post ACL Tear Workouts & GREATNESS vs Average



Here we GO!

Episode 69 of The STRONG Life Podcast, a full blown QnA of Training, Strength & Conditioning & What It Takes to Get Stronger, Tougher & Faster.

Here's Just Some of the Questions I Answer In This Episode:

  • How do I train various athletes during each group?
  • What makes a Strength Coach GREAT vs Average?
  • What is a great morning ritual?
  • How to break a plateau in the Military press?
  • Training Post ACL Surgery
  • How I'm Training Post Shoulder Surgery
  • "Cutting Weight" for athletes & my thoughts on nutrition for in season weight class athletes (Wrestlers)
  • Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Beginner Lifters

Plus Much More.

Enjoy the show!



Leave your comments / questions below.

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Smith says:

    First time Podcast – Enjoyed it immensely..Inspiring

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