Proper Warm Ups For Mind AND Body: The Shyt No One Wants To Talk About


Talking about warm ups just isn't "cool".

Talking about feeling your age is something people fear to admit, but the truth is the truth and I wanted to give you some insight into how I warm up, how I train, what runs through my mind as I prep to train and how you can smart about training and STILL train hard enough to satisfy your Warrior mindset.

A great warm up allows you to continue lifting heavy while getting rid of joint aches and pains.

A Great warm up allows you to feel younger and healthier. It is the cornerstone of my training. No matter how busy I am, I always get in about 3 rounds of light weights, sleds and light aerobic work. 

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I have been in touch with Dick Hartzell, creator of Jump Stretch Bands. I had watched him doing band mobility and distraction back in 2002 or so on Westside Barbell Videos.

He is amazing and I've been using this Video for my ankles. I do this at home and at the gym, but I do it barefoot. My ankle and achilles are feeling better from this protocol.


Got comments / questions on this warm up and my training protocols or how things have changed since I've gotten older?

Drop a comment below.

How do YOU warm up? Let us know. I love reading all your comments and answering your questions!

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8 Responses

  1. Ryan Canon says:

    Mobilize +foam rolling ETC. And some dynamic spacific movements say squat jump prior to heavy squat movements to fire up those fibers and CNS.
    I have been using some form of Smity’s “Shawn Phillips AMPED Warm-up” for me and my athletes for the past few years.

  2. Sooo important to be talking about this! I see people who don’t get in a good warm-up all the time (even a good cool-down, which isn’t being talked about either!).

    I am 41 – and I can handle quite a bit of load and volume but I think it is only because I have always been smart about listening to my body – warming up and cooling down.

    I am a runner and so I usually like to do a slow mile to get the blood flowing in my body and then I do some stretching and rolling out. That is actually BEFORE our Crossfit group warm-up. It just seems to take me longer to get going, especially on colder days.

    And then I will roll out any super tight spots before bed and I ALWAYS roll out my feet. 🙂

    Thanks for the convo Zach! As always – I bless and appreciate who you are and all that you do!

    1. Juliet, you’re ALL heart. Thank YOU 🙂

      Your kind words mean a LOT to me!!!!

  3. Z, I pray/meditate before I train.
    Next is joint mobility, then comes general warmup, and lastly specific warmup.
    This can take 20-30 minutes, but it has been a huge help. I have not had any training injuries in recent years.
    Getting more recovery time has also helped.
    I train 3 days usually; no more of the 5 or 6 days a week stuff.

  4. Nick McCray says:

    McGill Big 3: Bird dogs, rolling planks, McGill crunches for 3 rounds…sometimes mix in stir the pot, ball punchout, KB swings, suitcase/waiter/farmer carry/sled march.

    These things changed my life. They helped to bring me back from a pretty bad sciatica problem and come back stronger and safer than I’ve ever been.

    They also have had as much carryover to everyday life, my warehouse job, etc, as anything else has in my training revolving around squat, bench, and deadlift.

  5. Dustin Maynard says:

    You’re right. It’s not cool to talk about warm ups. Hell, I don’t think I started warming up until several months ago. I would always dive In and kick ass. My warm up is apparently not even close to everybody above, but it works for me.

    Upperbody wise–even though I’m strong–I picked up my wife’s 10 pound dumbbells and did lateral raises with them. Side lat raises and rear delt raises. My shoulders felt great and I was able to whup ass. I just never stopped doing them every since. It puts those creaky achy shoulders to bed and wakes up the monster within. I know it sounds silly using 10lb DBS.

    If I’m doing a deadlift, power clean or whatever. Sometimes I crank out a high rep set of bodyweight squats. That’s pretty much the only two warm ups I do. But it changed my training? So that’s good!


  6. I do some mobility stretching, gradually increasing range of motion, some yoga moves, and test various movements and exercises via Bio Feedback a la David Dellanave out of Minnesota. Check him out fellas if you don’t know. Haven’t had an injury to date since I learned about it.

    I also get some hand walks in, a little jump rope, hold a good push up plank for 3 mins and by that time I’m ready to snap. It’s all about that first drop of sweat jumping off the nose, then you’re ready for battle.

    1. Oh, how can I forget, I roll out my feet with a rolling pin, then grab the foam roller and hit my thighs, quads, hamstrings, then I do a thoracic stretch over the foam roller. THEN I turn on the Pantera.

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