Warrior Workout VS Mr. Resistance



Let me leave you with these 2 videos today.... especially with the new year upon us and all those Bull Shit "resolutions".

Here's THE TRUTH: You want something?

Why wait for January 1st?!?! F**K that, DO it NOW.

Overcoming Resistance is THE BEST "Exercise" one can do. Every day, Mr. Resistance is trying to hold you back. Excuses are everywhere if you so choose to see it like that.

Or, you can say F**k it and punch resistance in the face enough times that he dares to never show up again.

Check these videos.....

Mr. Resistance is always breathing down your neck. 

You need to fight back.

You need to stay the course. Brick by Brick. One foot in front of the other.


Live the Code


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8 Responses

  1. Mr. F**ing Resistance has beating on my door for the last 3 months when I injured my shoulder!! It has slowed me down a little bit. Couldn’t jump, could do back squats do to arm position, deads killed, farmer walks etc. so I decided to re read and re read again Paul wades book Convict conditioning, I literally started at wall pushups, an I used to be able to do 315 on bench for reps!! But I realized I am Mr. F**king resistance I created him, which means I can just as easily put him in his place!!!

    So here is to you Zach thanks for making me a better business man, showing us the ropes, thanks for always putting up great information for us, an thanks for leading by example.. Peace and luv bruddah!!

    1. @Aaron: bro go crazy on mobility / foam roller work, get rid of free weights and go full blown bodyweight training

      start some intermittent fasting, read warrior diet

      healing will speed up BIG time!

  2. I love the Ultimate Warrior and Even-Esh’s honest truth and their desire for what they do. Every video Even-Esh puts out inspires me! He is a passionate guy who loves what he does and when I become a strength and conditioning coach I want to have that same fire and passion! Keep it up brotha!

  3. Dude, the Warrior videos are Awesome! A HUGE point that stuck with me and I know you have said this too Z, a lot of “normal” people tend to make fun of the people that are intense and that work hard. I see this a lot with the high school kids and it just blows my freakin mind.

    But man that is why we do what we do. It isn’t just about getting stronger and improving performance, it is about helping kids becoming confident so they can kick ass in their sport, but more importantly in their lives! Thanks for sharing Z! Happy New year and talk with you soon!

    -Coach Gaglione

    1. @John: Gags U da man and #TRUTH ALL the way, homie!

      Happy New Year and psyched 2 see U soon!

  4. Ultimate Warrior……that shiz is the truth man!

    I love it, I am surrounded by whinging whinning back stabbing sicophants who make themselves feel better by running others down. I wish I could smash them but the law won’t let me! Anyway positive messages like you guys gives helps me push past the negative. More Power!

    1. Jeno, move onward and upward, brotha, there is NO power in hanging around those people.

      Let them go.

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