Zach’s 42nd Birthday Sale Starts NOW


Well, that went FAST.

Today I am 42.

There will be no celebrations or big parties on my end.

Honestly, the past few years I have moved into being more quiet with a lot of things and my hard headed attitude of "EARN IT" makes me stray from parties and such.

Today is my birthday and also, it's the 5 year anniversary of when I met with the land lord and began signing papers for the Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

This week I will announce a variety of sales and to kick it off, here are a few of them 🙂

If you're reading this from my blog, get on The STRONG Life Newsletter to get these special discounts, sales, etc as I often do NOT announce them to the masses.

I like to reward those who take uncommon action, such as reading e mails!

Everything Listed Below is about 50% off 🙂

* NOTE * The web site does NOT show the discount price.

You will see the Discount price on the shopping cart page.

- The Bodyweight Bodybuilding System

The program that started it ALL.

The Underground Strength System......

I would write every day and every night, organizing the training methods that began from the garage days to the first warehouse of The Underground Strength Gym.

Photos and training program packed on every page, this program used to be sold as a package of spiral bound books and DVDs.

Hundreds of pages of power packed info to Build Strong, Tough, Explosive Athletes, regardless of age!


- The Underground Strength System



Early Bird Registration for a BIG Seminar Coming to The Underground Strength Gym.

Dec 8th is when early Bird Reg. is Over so get after it.

Travis Mash and I will be delivering a power packed weekend of world class training coupled with a business mastermind.

Whether you run your training business part time or full time, you do not want to miss this experience.

Details HERE on The Barbell BOSS Seminar

The Russian Lion Power Course

The Russian Lion Power Course began when I read the early 1900s autobiography on The Russian Lion, George Hackenschmidt. His lifestyle and training was so simple yet incredibly powerful.

I blended his teachings with the influences of The Navy SEALs to put together a course that developed the mind AND body in a very unique manner.

This 5-product package is blended with "old school strength" methods, Result proven training from The Underground Strength Gym & Navy SEAL strategies, specifically designed to help you Transform yourself into a High Performance Machine to the 10th degree.

More Details HERE.


BIG thanks to all who read my STRONG Life Newsletter.

You fire me up to keep Attacking LIFE.

I am hitting the road, off to train The Rutgers Wrestlers.

Just because it's my birthday doesn't give me a day off.

Instead, it's a day of WORK.

The Work is the GIFT!

Live The Code 365,


2 Responses

  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Zach – I always love hearing your philosophy.
    I am torn between having my wife order the Russian Lion Platinum or Underground Strength Manual for my early Christmas.
    Decision forthcoming…..

    1. Gordon, that’s what we would call a ‘Quality Problem” ha ha

      Thank you for supporting, my man!!!

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