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WOW! My mind is blown after chatting with Dr. Phil Wagner, the Creator of The SpartaTrac system.

This conversation is beyond inspiring!

From Phil's experiences as an athlete, to a Coach, to WHY he created The SpartaTrac system (this is something many college coaches must hear) to his current take on nutrition and training for himself and his family.

Phil's amazing journey will educate, inspire and open up your mind BIG time. As you listen to Phil you realize the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence is something that you can never shut off.

This STRONG Life Podcast takes you on a journey of Phil's athlete and strength coach time line; multiple shoulder surgeries as an athlete to his strength coach experiences dating back to the late 90s, being mentored by the best of the best; Todd Rice from Cal Berkeley to Jim Steel & Rob Wagner at UPenn.

Phil spent time in Australia & New Zealand training their Professional Rugby Teams. With all 0f Phil's Experience (Bio HERE) he shares the lessons learned that you wish could be bottled into a formula to learn from at fast forward.

Here's just some of the topics we cover:

- Phil's history as a Strength Coach and the BIG differences he learned from different areas of the country (Cal Berkeley, UPenn, UCLA).

- The BIG difference in all coaches in Australia and New Zealand for Professional Rugby

- Lessons learned from Todd Rice at Cal Berkeley such as how Todd trained all the athletes in Olympic Weightlifting.

- What do you do when an athlete does not have the mobility to perform 1 of the lifts properly. This answer is AWESOME!

- When Phil was let go from Cal Berkeley, why did he decide to create SpartaTrac? This answer is HUGE yet is still overlooked in most sport teams.

- How Phil's Strength Coach philosophy was shaped going from 1 of the best Strength Coaches who was a big believer in Olympic Lifting (Todd Rice) to going to some of the best Powerlifters in the Country and World (Jim Steel & Rob Wagner).

- How Phil began learning about nutrition while at UPenn, gaining almost 60 lbs while there!

- Phil's thoughts on surgeries, including his own 3 shoulder surgeries and how to apply a different approach to athletes after surgery?

- Is surgery a valid option? And, what does the future of surgeries look like for athletes being we live in a world where Scientists are advancing tissue and cell repair.

- How does Phil only train 2 x week for 20 minutes at a clip now? We get into the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects that ALL play a massive role here.

We discuss much more in this STRONG Life Podcast and I am fired up for you to listen to this episode!



You can learn more about Phil and what he does with SpartaTrac and his gym Sparta Science at the links below:

SpartaTrac Software

Sparta Science Facebook

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