STRONG Life 109: Zach & Jim Steel Talk Iron Memories & LIVING The STRONG Life


What a blast I had in this conversation with Jim Steel who is becoming a regular on The STRONG Life Podcast.

12 Lessons from a Never Ending Podcast with Jim Steel & John Welbourn

STRONG Life Ep 99

STRONG Life Ep 100

First off, Forgive a few tech hiccups in the beginning as I cut the Video and went pure audio, there is a few seconds of slow audio, but trust me, this episode is GOLD!

Here's what's on tap. Jim and I discuss the following topics as well as answer some questions from my Instagram:

- Jim's recent strength training / workouts.

- The power & magic that was found in the photos and books of the "Golden Era".

- The importance of learning on your own vs always going to youtube or searching google to find information.

- The first time I watched Pumping Iron & convinced my friend's Dad to bootleg record the VHS tape for me!

- Nutrition tips and guidelines we have for athletes who want to get Bigger & Stronger without adding unnecessary fat.

- The Biggest Lessons Jim learned coaching at The D1 Level that has enabled him to better work with the coaches & athletes along with the differences at IVY league vs scholarship state schools.

- Our thoughts on giving athletes time away from training with us in an organized setting to empower them for both the immediate time and their future

- Thoughts on organizing workouts for your athletes with flexibility vs being regimented with specific load, sets and reps.

- The story of Arnold & Franco squatting together and how you can use the power of the mind to get Stronger in the gym AND in life

- Thoughts on the science of strength & conditioning vs the practicality of strength & conditioning

- I tell Jim how impressed I am with his Coaches & their camaraderie. How does Jim feel about his team of Strength Coaches at UPenn & why does he feel they have such great relationships.

- Thoughts on celebrating every play on the Football field.

- I ask Jim why I see in his youtube videos, the girls hitting high reps on the BIG lifts?

- The difference in physiques that comes from lifting heavy vs lifting pump up style.

- Stories of Kirk Karworski training methods

- Zach's high school days of volume workouts that lasted for hours on end

- Why Jim & I believe in NOT being coached all the time & learning things on your own

- Why Jim is starting his own magazine & why I am PSYCHED to read this!

- New books Jim & Zach are reading and how we're applying what we learn from these books

- We discuss cold water / weather & breathing methods that Jim & I have begun using.

- Being famous vs "keeping it pure".

- Why I have to stop being bothered by people who don't pick up their own dog's crap.

As always, I had a blast chatting with Jim and we're going to do this more often!

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Till the next time!

Live The Code 365,


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