Lose Yourself To Find Yourself | Jeremy Thiel


STRONG Life Podcast Episode 120 with my friend Jeremy Thiel.

I met JT in February of 2010 as we both spoke at The CrossFit Affiliate Gathering.

Since then, we've done seminars of all types together as well as business products such as Strength Coach Spectrum.

This episode pulls away the curtains and gives you full transparency so you understand that life WILL have its ups and downs. I don't ever want you thinking that just because I or someone else owns a web site or has X number of followers doesn't struggle.

We ALL have struggles, it's HOW we react to those struggles!

JT and I discuss how we handled those mistakes, those down times, those tough times, and, ultimately got back on our feet to do what we're meant to do on this earth.

JT and I discuss the following topics in STRONG Life Podcast episode 120:

- How JT got started in CrossFit in the early days

- The mistakes JT made in business and life, where he lost himself and HOW he turned it all back around to get back to doing the right thing and what was in his heart

- How to dig deep to find your WHY and rebound from burn out and other similar challenges and tough times

- The person / physical activity that helped JT get back on track in mind, body, business and LIFE

- How your mind and heart are connected and why you must pay attention to this

- The difference between being a Leader vs An Authority Figure and how this changed the way Zach and JT operate their businesses today vs a few years ago

- Our thoughts on the "follow your heart" quote and why you need to understand the Ego vs The Heart differences

- 3 Crucial Traits Among Successful People that JT focuses on today

- What is the future of Coaching & how is JT evolving his business to better serve others

- What does JT's current training program and daily routine look like and how has it evolved from years before?


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