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STRONG Life Podcast Ep 158 with my man, Dave Lipson!

Talk about passion! This episode is tremendous and loaded with stories from Dave's Baseball days, early days CrossFit, gym start up, overcoming serious injuries, nutrition and tons more!

Here's some of the specifics we discussed with Dave Lipson:

  • How Dave's baseball injury inspired him to break the norms of "don't lift heavy" and "you'll get muscle bound" while playing minor league Baseball
  • How Dave began his CrossFit journey while living in NYC along with some "early days CrossFit" stories
  • How Dave began his business from the backyard of his home in sunny California
  • Dave's experience with traveling & competing for CrossFit and Again Faster
  • Working around injuries along with the mental side of succeeding through tough times
  • How Dave's nutrition changed his body AND mind

Plus much more! Prepare to be inspired BIG time!

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One Response

  1. Really interesting to hear how his injury played a positive role in the long run. When i had a sports hernia I thought that was the end of my powerlifting career but it ended up being one of the best things to happen to me. Great podcast guys!

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