314: Anthony Oliveira | Life Lessons, Strength Lessons, Great Training Partners & Cutting through the Fads & Gimmicks


STRONG Life Podcast ep 314 with Anthony Oliveira; Owner of Anchor Athletics in NH, Trigger Warning Conjugate (Online Coaching) & Host of the Stay Hated Podcast.

WARNING: This episode is NOT WFS. 

This conversation is heated, intense and passionate. We use "adult language".

You've been warned.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The SSPC Cert is Open and ALL Online. Access from anywhere in the world with a BEAST of a BONUS! All details are at SSPCoach.com

In this episode we discuss the following topics:

- Regrets in how we presented ourselves in some videos during our "early years" on social media

- Anthony's background in hockey, growing up as a kid, struggles in life and how he found a way to get clean and move forward!

- Early days powerlifting workouts, "mistakes" and mindset

- Anthony's first Strength Coach internship while traveling 45 minutes each way AND working a full time job

- Why cleaning the gym and the bathroom separates the good from the GREAT

- Learning from Brian Silfies at his Westside Barbell Certified Gym

- Louie Simmons calling Brian to dog deeper into his answers before allowing him to fly the flag of a Westside Barbell Certified Gym

-  Taking the STRONG Life mentality and truly applying it to your own LIFE

- CrAzY workouts that push you to have a breakthrough both physically and mentally

The Minimalist Training Course














- The guts it took to leave NH and move to Ohio to train at Westside Barbell with no job and no place to live

- Stories and qualities of the best training partners Anthony ever had

- Stories of how Louie would push Anthony to challenge himself to greater and greater heights

- Business talk; our thoughts on social media for growing the business and how we have changed our attitudes to do whatever it takes

- The 80s action movie, Youngblood

- Keeping your gym with that "Fight Club" feeling

- Quotes that keep Anthony going with the right mindset!

Dig in and enjoy!




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