STRONG Life 39: I Ain’t Got Time To Be WEAK!



Who's got the time to be weak?

Only those who don't care for LIFE.

Waiting for tomorrow?

Waiting for your gym membership to start?

Waiting to get your next pay check?

It's MUCH simpler than the "Gurus" want to admit. It CAN be done in a garage or basement using some old, beat up free weights.

The journey to becoming STRONGER starts NOW.

Pay attention and I will explain:

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I discuss the following:

- The law of specificity

- How to do less and make MORE gains in size & strength

- Tweaking the Westside Barbell method

- Tips from Mark "Smelly" Bell

- How to break PRs in the Bench Press

- How to break PRs in the Squat

- The 1 exercise per workout, Version 2.0

- The next USC Cert

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One Response

  1. Z, it is vital that people never play the “age card”! At 64 years young I love to train hard on a regular basis.
    Your emphasis on training smart and on recovery has helped make that possible for me.
    There is no off-season in life.

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