Top 5 Reasons Men Over 40 Need to be STRONG


 Top 5 Reasons Men Over 40 (Men of ANY Age) Should Be STRONG

Before I explain the benefits of strength, even though my information is focused on Men as we "Get Older", this is also for teenage boys / young men. 

Now more than ever, our younger generation is lacking physical and mental strength along with confidence. Strength will skyrocket their confidence. 

Strength is not just about physical power, but also mental fortitude. Men, it's time to tap into your true potential and embrace the benefits of strength in all aspects of life.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should strive to be STRONG:

1) Physical Resilience

Being strong enhances your physical resilience, allowing you to tackle the demands of everyday life with confidence. I like to call this Durability. Some Coaches refer to this as being robust. You'll have the strength to endure physically challenging tasks, reduce chances of injuries and at the very least, maintain a healthy body. Maintenance should never be the goal, push for progress, even as you get older. Lift those weights and build your armor! Stop fearing Strength. Instead, Pursue Strength every day!

2) Mental Toughness aka GRIT & Fortitude

Strength training is not only about building muscles but also developing mental toughness, grit and fortitude. The discipline and determination required in the gym will translate into other areas of your life, empowering you to overcome obstacles and face challenges head-on. A strong mind conquers all! This is the essence of The STRONG Life, where True Strength transcends the gym walls.

3) Confidence 

Strong men exude confidence and there's no denying the appeal it brings. When you invest in your physical strength, you also invest in your self-esteem. Feeling strong physically leads to feeling strong mentally, making you more assertive, resilient, and ready to take on the world. Weak men are not healthy and weak men are never leaders.

4) Improved Health & Longevity

Strength training offers ENDLESS health benefits, many of which go beyond the physical. Men who strength train on the regular not only look younger but they FEEL Younger. A Weak man is NOT a healthy man. As George Hackenschmidt said 100 years ago, “Health can never be divorced from Strength.”

5) Positive Influence

As a strong man, you become a positive influence on those around you. Whether it's your friends, family or community, your dedication to physical and mental strength will inspire others to adopt a similar mindset. Lead by example and inspire greatness in others. When parents ask me how they can get their kids more active and involved with sports, I tell them to Lead from the Front. Lead by Example.  

Every day, you must Embrace the Power of STRENGTH! You must pursue strength every day for the rest of your life. You might not be training physically every day, but the books you read, the foods you eat, the media you consume, these ALL will either contribute to your Strength or take away from your Strength.

If you're ready to unlock your full potential, Strengthen your body, empower your mind and become the Most ELITE version of Yourself, let's embark on this incredible journey together - Get Your FREE Training Courses HERE 

STRONG & LEAN for Men Over 35 

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  1. Greg Cutler says:

    Love this article coach and I agree with your points. When you are strong you know that there is a darn good chance that you can handle just about anything that comes your way both physically and mentally. Keep coaching and inspiring

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