Underground Strength Coach Cert Inspiration WINNERS!



Holy S**t! The Underground Strength Coach Inspiration Contest BLEW ME AWAY!

And by reading ALL the comments, I can see YOU were also inspired!

I am beyond amazed and inspired by the videos that were made.

I compiled the votes that came through my e mail (which was A LOT!), the Blog comments and the 4 people I had judging and man it was a SERIOUS fight for 1st place between BIG Dan Gibson and Chris the BEAST.

There was also some SERIOUS love for the Virginia Beach Beast, Matty Wichlinski. Matt contributed and is already a Expert Panelist at http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com as did Dominik Feischl from Austria, who is also on the Underground Expert Panel.

These two Beasts already have lifetime membership to Underground and did not need the "awards" to inspire them. They are Strength addicts, as we all are, and is what inspired them to take action. Hells Yea!

So, we decided to make a top 3.

This was calculated by the e mails, Blog comments and the 4 friends I had voting as well.

The fight for 1st place was CLOSE but one man edged out another!

Here are the Top 3 Winners and their videos are below.

1st: Chris "The Beast from the East"

2nd: BIG Dan Gibson

3rd: Matty "The Virginia Beach Beast" Wichlinski

Chris AND Dan are BOTH getting a FREE ride to come to a future Underground Strength Coach Mentorship held at The Underground Strength Gym in NJ.

Chris will receive ALL the products listed on The Underground Store Page, BOTH physical and downloadable programs.

More info to come from Matt Wichlinski shortly...... ūüôā

I want to say, before posting the videos, that I am honored and humbled to see the awesome people that have taken part in this event.

Everyone showed awesome inspiration AND a humble demeanor.

Too many people in the fitness industry act like assholes and have a holier than tho attitude and it is refreshing to see awesome guys like these Coaches.

From here on out and every day forward we gotta continue to pay it forward!

Let's take another look at The 3 Baddest Mother F**ers......

[vimeo width="640" height="360"]https://vimeo.com/8627612[/vimeo]

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHx_Xmt9bRc[/youtube]

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0ZcsgQghko[/youtube]

For The Top 3 Inspiration BEASTS, can you Gentlemen please e mail me so we can arrange your prizes? Thank YOU!

More to come shortly...

Lead from the Front!


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20 Responses

  1. Joe Chizek says:

    You got it right Z! All those dudes are deserving for the win. I hung out with Matt at he Underground cert and that is one dude who is strong as hell. One of the strongest dudes I’ve met. I know what you mean about all the jack asses out there. Everyone on the forum seems cool as hell. Glad to be apart of it for sure. From 1st through 3rd the order is correct. Very tough to decide though, but correct in my opinion.

  2. Zach and UG Beasts,

    Thanks for taking the time to watch my vid. It was an honor to share the battlefield with y’all. More to come! Excellence is what defines this group and it’s great to be a part of it.

    Peace my friends,
    Mike G.

  3. Congrats to the Top 3 Beasts and to Zach for positively affecting so many people! Keep up the great work brother!

  4. Look forward to reading your commentary everymorning. When I get reestablished back-home (PA) Im going to purchase one of your programs.


  5. Awesome job, guys! Now lets keep taking our strength to new levels. We build our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual strength through our daily actions with the iron. Nothing gets in our way, we are fully responsible for our own actions. If I am strong or weak in any aspect of my life, I am the only one to blame. This site is one tool that helps keep me accountable. Thanks guys.

  6. I’d say the voters and the people got it right. Congrats to everyone who put it on the line and posted a video. I learned something from everyone who posted.

  7. Thank you to all you undergrounders for “keeping the fire BURNING”

    God Bless You Zach

  8. Congrats to all you guys !! Keep killin’ it !!

    “The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated…it is finished when it surrenders.”

    – Ben Stein

    Jeff Van Dam
    Iron Fist Athletics

  9. Zach:
    Well, better you than me. I would have hated to be the decision maker.
    In my eyes, they were all first. All had a great story of inspiration and admiration (for you and primarily, what you stand for). Very touching and sincere.
    See, we can move mountains.

  10. You guys are F**ING Awesome! I will be back at it when I return from family vaca, guys!


  11. Dan Gibson says:

    Zach and the Underground,
    WOW! I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s truly humbling to be associated with you all. I can’t wait to meet you Zach and I truly appreciate this opportunity. This website and this group is such a rare breed. I got motivation and inspiration from every other video in the contest. It’s a great feeling knowing so many guys out there training so hard everyday. Thank You Guys! Thank You Zach!
    “The Harder You Work, The Harder It Is To Surrender”-Vince Lomabardi

    -Dan Gibson

  12. vaughn (Australia) says:

    Awesome…Men training as men, being men…Thanks Zach…To be best we can be is a gift to ourselves and others.

  13. Christopher Reed says:


    Great job on the contest! To the winners; my sincerest congratulations, as some of you have already mentioned I too learned from watching the videos submitted and it takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there as you all have.

    My continued thanks to you, the Underground community; your voices resonate within my subconscious at those times when I need to dig the deepest for motivation to press on, up or through obstacles that I attack on a daily basis!

    Dan Gibson; you will love the Underground Strength weekend brother it is everything that you would think it to be and so much more! You will walk out of that weekend a renewed warrior; ready to run through walls, eat shards of glass or do what ever else is necessary to realize your dream…but you are already well on your way my friend!

    Can’t wait for the next opportunity to contribute, continued success to all!

    AGE QUOD AGIS“What you do; do well.”


  14. Fellas you all definitely deserve accolades for holding it down and reppin’ the Underground! Big Props!

  15. Zach,

    I agree with the order of top three picks, very good!

    I think both Chris and Dan will represent well at the Underground Strength Coach Mentorship.

    Cool of you to help them both out.

    Keep tearin’ it up everyone!


  16. Awesome job, fellas. All well deserving. Keep up the great work, everyone! Stay strong!

  17. Keith Fine says:


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