Zach’s 40th Birthday Sale!



Pic above is with my Grandfather & I, 1976, when we first moved to America. Statue of Liberty in the back. I was 1 year old.


The day has come way TOO fast.

Today I am 40 years young but it seems like yesterday I was 6 years old riding my big wheel with my buddies and smashing into garbage cans.

Some of my athletes who are in college will quickly go from 20 to 40 and I'll be 60.

This journey called Life goes FAST. I ain't got time to be weak or half ass this journey and neither do you.

I am grateful for your support as it keeps me inspired to continue writing, training and sharing my knowledge with you.

To help celebrate my 40th birthday I'll be sure to crush myself at The Underground Strength Gym today. I gotta earn my birthday cake!

Enjoy the Birthday Sale below, each training course is linked and discounted through Monday Early Morning when I wake up.

NOTE: You will see the discounted sale prices on the check out pages.


Bodyweight Bodybuilding $47 $27


Operation Thunder: The Warehouse Gym Bue Print $197 $147


The Gladiator Project $37 $19


The Underground Strength Inner Circle $19.95 / Month $9.95 / Month


The Russian Lion Power Course $37 $19


Limited Edition Underground Strength Gym Hoodie


15 Responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! here’s to gett’n stronger daily! Thanks Zach for what you do to help others all day every day!

  2. Michael Smith says:

    Happy Birthday to a real class act. Wishing you another successful year of inspiring others to require more of themselves in this lifetime!

  3. Steve Humphrey says:

    Happy Birthday Zach I was 52 yesterday I still feel 22 (until I look in the mirror) have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday Zach!!! Keep pushing people to greatness. Enjoy this great day!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy this great day and keep pushing people towards greatness!!

    Purchased the Operation Thunder awhile back it was awesome!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Love listening to your podcasts!! You represent how the strength & conditioning field should be represented!!

  7. Happy Birthday Zac! Hope your workout tonight goes well and keeps you charging into the new year of your life! What are your goals for this next year for you? I know that you always pursue greatness, so what is next for you on the horizon as you push yourself and others?

  8. Happy birthday from Bulgaria, Zach! Stay positive and keep moving forward. Do not forget that age is just a number

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