152 | Shane Sweatt on The Conjugate System


STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 152 with Shane Sweatt, owner of The Sweatt Shop Cincinnati and CrossFit Conjugate.

This was a big time inspiring podcast with Shane as we dug into the Conjugate System for training athletes of all types.

There will definitely be a part 2 of this conversation!

We discuss in this episode:

- The World Records held at Shane's gym in both raw and geared powerlifting.

- World Champions and Pro athletes in various sports at Shane's gym.

- How to implement the Conjugate System into a large CrossFit class.

- The importance of using specialty bars and variation in training to reduce injuries and increase longevity of an athlete, regardless of age.

- The art of coaching; assessing an athlete from the moment they walk into the gym.

- The difference between supplements in the USA vs how the Soviets / Russians created their own supplements in conjunction with national pride.

- How mindset affects the training outcome / performance results.

- Implementing the conjugate system into calisthenics exercises such as pull ups.

- How to track your training? Software? Or.....

- What common themes has Shane experienced in his consulting with Special Forces Military?

- Training changes that Shane has made since entering his 40s to keep him going healthy and strong.

- Is it just about "optimal training" or is there more?



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Book Recommendation by Shane: Secrets of Russian Sports & Fitness Training.

The Original Title was Secrets of Soviet Sports & Fitness Training. I read that original title in 2004, you would have to find a used version of that edition.

More Book Recommendations HERE.

Part 2 - My Favorite Training Books HERE.

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