Success Begins With The Right Attitude


“Failure Defeats Losers,

Failure Inspires Winners.”

~ Robert T. Kiyosaki ~

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I WISH I understood how to achieve success during my teen years. The past is the past and looking back does NO good. I will learn from the past and focus on leaving it as such.

Lately I have realized that I look BACK way too often. I don't hold onto the past, I do however realize WHY I learned from the past. The reason I learned so much from my past is because of the deep rooted pain I went through.

I am glad, however, that as BAD as things got when I was going through hell, I never quit the team or blamed my lack of success by saying "The Coach doesn't like me."I took the responsibility on my own shoulders, as should you.

My Freshman year I NEVER Won One Wrestling Match. After the season I learned that guys on the team kept expecting me to quit one week, then the next and the next.

My lack of success falls on my shoulders, as does yours.

If you WANT Success, Then Prepare To DO Work! Life, Training, Business.... It doesn't matter. HARD work is the common cure for lack of success. Head down, sleeves rolled up, hands DIRTY.

Don't be like the typical person....

Don't be like the average, ordinary person.....

Don't blame others....

Rise Above.

Set a Higher Standard.

I'm Gonna Take Everything I Do To The Next Level. You can expect bigger AND better things from me, and I expect you to do the same for yourself and those you help. You do NOT need to be a Coach to help others.

Set your goals Higher and Attack Life.

Who's With Me!!??

Live The Code



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6 Responses

  1. Dustin W. says:

    When I was 10 years old I was at a friends house and I told his mom I was going out for wrestling. She said, “It’s too tough you will quit.” No shit! I got pissed and didn’t quit. We had 20 freshman wrestlers my freshman year. My senior year we had 2. A lot quit that freshman year because freshman were the beating toys for the upper classmen. The coach let it go on because he wanted the toughest. No crazy locker room crap but a shuck was a forearm to the side of your head that left you dazed. Front head locks that would tap out UFC fighters.
    But it made you tough. You get back up, get in your standing stance, and “Ready”.
    That is life! You can quit or fight! I look back at my past. The older I get the more I look back. I don’t worry about what was, but look for the lesson. By learning the lesson I can then teach it to others.
    Only the strong survive! The weak get eaten!

  2. Dustin, this is a powerful thought:

    Don’t look back, the rear view mirror is small, always look ahead as the windshield is much bigger!

    1. Dustin W. says:

      I agree that living through the past will only lead to accidents in the future(driving reference). There is no need to live in the past I have the scars and they will always remind me of where I failed, but they will also assure me that I can survive.
      Great stuff! T minus 9 days and counting down!

  3. Zach:

    It’s OK to look at our past all the time and think about how far we have come in any particular area of our lives, whether it’s faith, family, friends….what I call the three most important F’s and you throw the four F, fitness in there, it’s OK to reflect on these areas and do what many of us military guys do called an After Action Review or AAR.

    You plan a mission, execute, and then control / follow-up which is where you do the AAR.

    1. What you did good
    2. What you did bad
    3. How can you improve

    I have told my soldiers and my bootcamp clients today, if you follow what I call the Strategic Marketing Process to Life of PLAN, EXECUTE, and CONTROL/FOLLOW-UP….you can’t go wrong in any area of your life.

    As long as you don’t DWELL in the past, meaning constantly stay there day after day, month after month and never learn from it, then you are OK Zach.

    You have seen a lot and have come a long way, so never think that you look at the past too much. It’s what made you the man and great mentor, coach, husband, friend, etc… that you are today.

    Keep up the great work of shaping the youth of today and making them the best athletes and most importantly, the best people they can be….HOOAH !!!



  4. Well said Z, I have seen very commited folks get derailed at times by the unexpected blows that happen in life whether it is the death of a loved one/brother in arms, divorce etc. It is the MAN who keeps pressing despite the overwhelming circumstances he faces and the insurmountable odds that makes the most progress and will be standing in the end. Real adversity is the real teacher, no amount of strength, natural talent will stand up to real adversity without the mind and soul being in the right place. Think of all the “successful” athletes that got derailed early in their careers at their supposed “peak” because they faced real diversity, Roberto “no mas” Duran the boxer comes to mind. Keep up the great work Z.

    1. I did not finish my thought, Roberto Duran is an example of an athlete at his prime who “quit” while facing adversity. He did however come back and have a very successful career, he won middleweight title at age 37-38 as I recall. Just because you quit once doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remain a quitter.

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